Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A CJ entry and some PSI's

Well my CJ (that I shared in the last post), has began it's trip around Australia, it was received by it's first recipient, and I honestly cant wait to see everyone's entries into it. The swap is expected to be finished around Christmas this year, so that will make for a nice present.

I have already done my entry into Christine's CJ, the theme was procrastination, and unlike my usual self I actually got started on it straight away. I used the same Kaiser papers that I used on my journal, so I hope that Christine doesnt mind.

With it being an extra long weekend, I also managed to get some Plus Sized Inchies (PSI's = 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch) done for a swap on Scrap Therapy. The theme was black, red and white, which of course instantly reminded me of Twilight! Aren't they cute!!

I think that once the swap is finished and I get them all back I am going to make up either a canvas or an art-piece which I will frame showcasing all the PSI's.

Close -up shot of the butterfly PSI's
Better get back onto that essay that I am meant to be writing for uni.



  1. Great entry into the journal, also love the +size inchies.

  2. Gorgeous work as always...cant wait to get my first CJ!

  3. Ooh those PSI's look gorge!

    Can't wait to see your work in these Cj's IRL! They are looking amazing!