Friday, December 30, 2011

Top Eleven from Twenty Eleven

As 2011 draws to a close, I thought it might be fun to look back over all the layouts I did this year, and share my favourites. They're in no particular order (well apart from the way that my computer has ordered them, based on file name).

One of my monthly photo collages, and layouts from Project 365. At first I struggled with this layout, I couldn't find any papers that matched - but then, as so often happens, it all just fell into place and I LOVE this layout (it's one of my favourites from the Project 365 album).

This layout was based on a sketch from The Scrappiest (if I remember correctly). I'm really glad that I got a chance to scrap this memory, although every time I see the layout, I can't help but get the song stuck in my head!

Mało Roman i Duzy Roman
(Little Roman and Big Roman)
For my parents birthdays (in March), I gave them a voucher to have a photoshoot with Lily and Benji (what better gift for the people who have everything!?!) From the shoot, this is my favourite photo, and I couldn't wait to use it on a layout.

Benji's middle name was always going to be 'Aidan', but a couple weeks (or maybe months) before he was due, I asked my Dad if he would mind if I named Benji after him. Of course he said I could, and so Benji's middle name is Roman. It was a good choice too, because they share a very special bond!

DJ Lily
When I started scrapping again this year, one of my goals was to have a layout published (no pressure or anything!), and after having a few layouts rejected the week before, on a whim I decided to submit this one. I still have the email that Scrapbooking Memories sent me, saying that they wanted to publish it!

Another one of my monthly layouts; the colour combo + the black matting + the splatters = all my favourite things on a layout!

The photos on this layout aren't perfect, but they are special to my sister and her husband. It's always been Vanessa's dream to go to Hawaii, and in August 2010 they went!
The layout was based on a sketch from Sketchy Thursdays (but it wasn't actually the one I submitted, I liked the sketch so much, that I made another layout based on the same sketch!)
This is actually the first layout I ever did, where I matted the papers on black cardstock, and boy! did I get a shock when I picked it up heavy!

Just like Mum
A little 8x8 of Lily, and her love of taking 'selfies'.

Outdoorsie Kind of Girl
This was one of the very first layouts I scrapped at the beginning of the year, it's simple, and it's got no journalling on it (boo!)...but I still love it!

Just like Mario
Ian is a huge computer geek, and so while we were in Kuala Lumpur in March I couldn't help myself but put Benji on this ride inside The Curve shopping mall.
(It's a really crappy photo of the layout, but I'm too lazy to take another photo of it!)

My babies having a cuddle at the local park! This layout was actually done for one of the monthly challenges at Out of the Hat.

Summer Rain
I think that this is my favourite layout from the entire year! The photo, the colours, the papers and the layering. I only did this layout a couple of weeks ago for a CC challenge at Mystical Scrapbooks.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Project Life - Getting Ready for 2012

I'm so excited about this project, I can't wait to start!!
The best part is that my sister is going to be doing it with me - she's not a scrapper, but with the way that Project Life is set up, you don't have to be.

I decided against getting one of the Project Life albums, as I think that I will more than likely need more than one album (my [still unfinished] KL 2011 holiday album took 2 albums, and we were only away for a week!) Outside of the US it can be hard to get your hands on stock, as the international suppliers, or at least the Australian/New Zealand distributor is only getting in one shipment of the albums (at this stage). Instead I am using a We R Memory Keepers 12x12 D-Ring Leather album in Vanilla.
I did however get the photo pockets/page protectors (commonly referred to as 'plastics') from Becky Higgins. I went for a 60 pack of  Design A:

I'm actually a little worried about how I will go with these, as I know that I take the majority of my photos in the portrait orientation and not landscape...but I've been practising, and I hope that I will be ok.

Just in case, we also got a big box of variety plastics to share:

We both chose to use the Clementine Edition (so pretty with the oranges, yellows, greys and pinks):

I also have some extra pockets from American Crafts, that I plan on using in my album. Mainly the 
6x12 and 8.5x11 sleeves.

I'm not tackling this project as a photo a day, I did that this year with Project 365, instead I will be using it to showcase a week at a time, and if sometimes it works out that I have a photo from each day, then that's great. If not, I'm not going to stress about it. 

I'm also going to be adding in lots of extras, pamphlets/maps of anywhere interesting that we went, some of those beautiful works of art that Lily will bring home from school, certificates from swimming etc.

Another goal I have is kind of in the same vein as what Tara Whitney achieved in 2010 (she took a family photo every month of the year), I will be doing the same thing - some will be selfies (with the self timer, when I learn how to use it!), some will be by other people, and if we have a photo shoot with a photographer, then I will use that too. I just want to have a family photo of all four of us at the same time...too many times the photos consist of Ian and the kids, or me and the kids.

Some of my supplies ready to go:
Pictured is: Clementine Core Kit (with some of the cards missing, as I've already put in the weekly date cards), my awesome whale pencil case from here, I LOVE it! It's where I've got all my stationary-type things, that I need for Project Life (pens, hole punch, corner rounders, post-it notes etc). And finally my Fujifilm INSTAX camera.  This is seriously the coolest camera ever, it prints out credit card sized prints in only a couple of minutes. The film is pretty expensive in Australia (about $19-20 for a pack of 10), so I plan on buying online (eBay), and stocking up when we are in Kuala Lumpur in June.

On top of the album is the first little card I made for my album. I know that technically I haven't started Project Life yet, but I just really wanted to have a play with some of my supplies, so I made a little card for one of 3x4 slots (using an instax print, and my trusty Dymo):

I've also started on my title page, I still want to add some alpha and spell out 'Roach' (probably on the top  left card with the clock), and 2012 (on the bottom right card), but I can't find the letters that I want in my LSS, and obviously with Christmas in only 2 more sleeps, the online stores have stopped posting, so I will get them in the New Year.

(The photo of Lily has to be reprinted, I went a little overboard with the editing and her face was blown out when the photo was printed).
I love that bottom family photo - Benji may not be looking at the camera, but it's so typically him - shoving food into his mouth!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Published Layout

I think it's been long enough for me to be allowed to share my first ever published layout.
It was published in Scrapbooking Memories Vol 12 No 13 (October 2011).

DJ Lily
A photo of Lily during her newborn hearing screening test (in WA most babies have the test in the hospital - Benji didn't as he wasn't in hospital long enough).


It was based on a sketch from (the now closed?) Inspired Blueprints.

Another unexpected surprise, was that my layout was also featured in the monthly inspiration newsletter (email) that was associated with the magazine. I had no idea, but a lovely friend Sue told me...thanks Sue!!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mystical Cyber Crop (and Project Life)

Mystical Scrapbooks had their CC last weekend, unfortunately I came down with a severe ear infection on Monday, so I only managed to get one layout done.

Trudie's Challenge was to chose a layout from the gallery and scraplift it.
I chose this layout from Scrapaddict:
I loved the polka dots, and the brights.

Here's my layout - SUMMER RAIN.

I LOVE this photo of Lily (it's actually one of my Project 365 photos from the beginning of the year) - from the mismatched clothes that she's wearing (singlet, shorts and gumboots!), to the serious look on her face...apparently waiting for enough rain to run under with your umbrella is SERIOUS business!


The papers are from Pretty Little Studio (April Showers collection), and that awesome (well I think so) Care Bear button is from Ronnie, I couldn't help myself and bought all four of the different Care Bear buttons that she was offering at her last sale - so they will soon be popping up on layouts everywhere!

And in other SUPER EXCITING news - part of my Project Life order is here!! 
In the excitement of getting to open the box, I managed to stab myself in the finger with my scissors - the pain was worth it, getting to see those beautiful 'plastics' made my day!!

The last email I got from Craft House said that my Core Kit (I got Clementine) will be shipped next week!!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Project 365 - August

I am now up to date with my monthly photo collage (well apart from November, but given it's only December 3, I think that's ok).

August - I really struggled with this layout, I think because I have scrapped the main photo (in the middle before), and so was having issues picking papers. In the end I got there, and I am really happy with how the layout turned out.

Because it was such a busy/full layout, I decided to keep the embellishing really simple, and chose to highlight one main journaling point with a label, and little butterfly.

Highlights from the month include: going out on Jamie's boat for the first (and last, for me) time, Benji stood all by himself, Lily was a sick with a chest infection, and Vanessa and I booked our tickets to Kuala Lumpur for our birthday next year.


I've really enjoyed this project, and can't believe I only have two more layouts to do and the album will be finished.
Next year I have decided to do Project Life - I'm so excited, and can't wait to get started. I already have so many ideas about things I want to include in my album - lets just hope I can keep up!