Thursday, January 31, 2013

Familyx12; January 2013

As today is the last of the month, I thought now was as good a time as any, to share our January family photo.

This photo was taken right at the beginning of the month (January 4, in fact) at the T20 cricket match between the Perth Scorchers (our team) and Sydney Thunder.

I'm really looking forward to capturing (at least) another 11 family photos this year.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Weeks One, Two & Three

I blogged about Week Four yesterday, you can see that post >>HERE<<

As I mentioned in the post yesterday, I have been pretty slack with blogging my latest weekly layouts, but there was a reason behind it. I kinda took a break for a couple of weeks. I had just finished all of 2012, and I wanted a chance to appreciate the enormity of the task that was, completing Project Life 2012, and not rush straight into 2013.

Anyway, I'm back with the first three weeks of the new year to share.

Week One
Main Spread, without extra inserts

This week was only a short week, as I started it on the Tuesday (January 1), instead of Monday's like I normally do.

I have a confession to make, those photos of the new carpet in Benji's room, are actually from week two, and I've only just now noticed that I put them in the wrong week!

Main Spread, with extra Inserts

I added a couple of inserts this week, one was the front page of The West Australian (WA's newspaper) from January 1st. Front pages of newspapers from around the world, can be found here.

Back of Insert One & Insert Two
Lily and her friend Hayley at Hayley's sixth birthday party, and our January family photo.

Back of Insert Two

Grid collage of some extra photos from the cricket.

Week Two
Main Spread, without extra Inserts

It was really hot in Perth this week, so we spent a lot of time around the house, or at friends houses for play dates.

Main Spread, with extra Insert
LOVE this photo of Benji!

Back of Insert
Benji in his favourite orange this photo of him too!

Week Three
Main Spread, without extra Inserts
A lot of "extra" stuff added this week...I went to the movies twice (once with the kids, and once kiddie free with Ian), and Lily went to a disco at the Fairies Shop.

Main Spread, with Extra Inserts
This photo of Lily in her fairy dress was too cute not to include in the album (it was originally an Instagram photo that I blew up to 6x6).

Back of Insert
Another Instagram photo that I just *had* to add. Lily and Benji were playing with makeup (why is it that kids always want to put on the hideously bright/hard to wash off colours?) and Lily put a lilttle bit of eyeshadow on him, but Benj decided that it wasn't enough and added more...much more!

The photo of the kids and I in the top left corner on the right hand spread, is actually a flip up pocket, it's the first time I have ever used a flip pocket on a top photo (normally I use them down the bottom).
Sorry for the glare on the bottom photo!

That's it! Now I am all caught up in blogging my Project Life layouts...back to weekly posts from now on!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week Four

I have been so slack in blogging (and finishing) this years pages. Weeks One and Two are pretty much finished, but need a couple of journalling cards each. Week Three is finished, so I will blog about that in a couple of days. But I thought that I would start at the current week (well, the week just finished).

Main Spread, without extra Insert

Something extra I have added this week (and every week so far this year), is that 3x4 "this week" card. Sometimes during the week we do things that aren't worthy of being photographed, or don't make it into the album, and this is a way to include a few extra things into our weekly spread.

I loved that photo of the kids from Australia Day (that I shared on the blog HERE), so I decided to blow it up and print it as a 12x12. I really like the impact having one large photo makes, and so I don't mind that it means I can't add as many extra photos that week.

That photo of Benji in the bottom left pocket breaks my heart! Lily went for a sleep over at my parents house and we didn't let him go - their power was being cut all day the next day for maintenance, and we thought it would be too hard for him (and Mum & Dad)! The poor kid cried for a good 15 minutes after Mum left with Lily..."I want my Lily" & "I go Nannie's house too" were the main things coming out of his little mouth.

Main Spread, with extra Insert

I had some extra photos that I wanted to include from an afternoon play at the local park, and Australia Day so I added in a cut-down Design A plastic. It was my first cutting that particular design of plastic, as they are like gold around here, and I save them all for the main weekly spreads. But, I love the look, and it's something that I will do again (when I get some more!)

Lily took that top photo of me from the afternoon at the park, and also the one of Benji, she's a pretty good little photographer!

I also attached a tab that I had punched out of the 12x12 Seafoam paper to the insert, so that it was a little easier to see that it is an insert and not just my awesome photo putting in skills!

Back of Insert

A few photos & a journalling card about our Australia Day. We spent the morning at the grounds of the local council and had a BBQ breakfast (well I did, apparently no one else in my family thinks BBQ's are an appropriate breakfast food!) And in the evening we went to the Fremantle Wharf and watched the fireworks.

All photos (except the 12x12) were printed at home on my new's a photo I shared on Instagram a little earlier this afternoon:

My awesome sister bought me an Epson Picturemate during the week! 
I LOVE it!! 
And am so excited about how much easier it is going to make staying current with my PL album (although I was pretty good last year, and only fell off the wagon once...for 3 months!)
I will still have to outsource any larger inserts that I want to add, but I think that's something that I will only do every couple of weeks and just add them in later.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Aussie Kids

I hope everyone had an awesome Australia Day yesterday!

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Friday, January 25, 2013

January: Currently

Photo taken by 5-year-old Lily

listening to my little man giggle as he squirts the dogs with his water pistol.

enjoying a little "me" time, whilst he is outside squirting the dogs with the water pistol.

expecting a couple parcel deliveries, and getting impatient waiting for them (hopefully one today, and one on Tuesday).

missing my big girl, while she is at a sleepover with Nannie and Ya-Ya, and wondering how I am going to cope next week when she flies out to Kuala Lumpur with them for a week long holiday.

reading Don't Tell by Karen Rose, as part of one of my 30-Before-30 Challenges (#9 Read a new series, by a new-to-me author). There are currently 13 books in the series, so that should keep me going for a while!

answering "What are you doing, Mummy" about 100 times a day.

waiting for my sister to come over, so we can go and have Churros for lunch (they're a lunch food, right!?!)

day-dreaming about my weekend getaway to the Sunshine Coast in March. Can.not.wait!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Project Life 2013 - My Approach

This year I am very excited to be doing Project Life again, I love my albums from last year, and I can't wait to record another year in our lives!
I have decided to do things a little bit differently this year, most things will stay the same, but a few little things are going to (maybe!) change.

The Supplies
This year I am using the Seafoam Core Kit, designed by Elise Cripe for Becky Higgins.
I am also using the Date Roller Stamp, by Dear Lizzy for American Crafts.
*this is not a full kit pictured, as I have already slipped the date/title cards into my album*

I really like that white roller stamp, as I am able to add the day of the week in front of that date. Not really necessary right now, as I know that I start my weeks on a Monday and finish on the Sunday....but I like that in 20 years time I won't have to google what day of the week January 28 was, as I really prestamped that onto my card.
I should also mention that there is nothing wrong with the stamp, the reason that in the photo only half of the "03 2013" stamped is purley due to operator error. I suck at stamping the date! But I decided to leave it, as I am sure that I will stuff up more than one, and I can't afford an enitre new kit because I don't know how to stamp properly. Plus I kind of like that it gives an insight into me...I can't rule straight with a ruler, and now apparently I can't date stamp!

I am using an Amy Tan for American Crafts album:
I do really like this album, but I'm not sure how the plastics will fare in it over the course of  the year. The Becky Higgins plastics are slightly taller than 12" and it means that when the album is standing up on my shelf some of the plastics (mainly the bottom corner) is slipping out and sitting under the album, which then causes a little bend in the plastic. I'm not sure if once there are photos in the plastics, if this will fix the problem?...I hope so, I did buy quite a few of these albums!

The Process
This is where I will be changing things up a little bit this year. Last year I went in with the frame of mind that I *had* to have a double spread for each week, and of course there were weeks where I just didn't have enough photos, but I still felt like I had to include 7 photos, and some weeks I just didn't have 7 photos that I wanted to include. 
The only time I was lenient with myself was when Lily and I went to Kuala Lumpur with my sister and Mum for mine and my sister's birthday (we're twins), because we left mid-week, and returned mid-week of the following week (and really didn't take many photos) I made these two weeks, only one side of a plastic and had the holiday as it's own "insert" in-between them.

This year, I have decided to relieve that pressure from myself, and I will just do what works. If some weeks that's a 2 page spread, than so be it. If it means only one side of the plastic, that's ok too!

Also, it's worth mentioning that I again have decided not to do a photo a day. Some weeks I may actually end up having a photo from each day, but I like to record moments and events, and so will be doing my album as a week-at-a-glance again.

As I mentioned I have already set up the album, with the title/date cards and one filler card in each week. If I end up having one one side of the plastic per week, that's ok and I will just rearrange the title cards.

I have already gone ahead and pre-stamped the date cards (and I did the same last year). I know to some people that is shocking! And people have asked me how I know that particular title card will suit that particular weeks photos? The answer is, I don't and I don't care (in a good way). I figure that there will be enough different colours in my photos that it will all work out in the end.

I also plan on adding in a 3x4 journalling card as a kind of weekly wrap up. Most weeks there are many things that don't get photographer (or do, but don't make it into the album) but that I still think are worth recording. This is just a sinple little way that I can do that.

As with last year, I will be using predominately the Design A plastics for the main spread, and then any inserts I want to add will be whatever plastics I have on hand, and that suit the photos.

The Extras
This year I still plan on adding extra things into my album. One of my favourite things that I did last year was Familyx12 (one family photo per month), and it is definitely something that I will be continuing into this year (and beyond).

I also still plan on recording all the books that I read throughout the year. I really liked looking back on this in last years album...and a little bit of pop culture never hurt anyone!

Here's a sneak peek at my almost completed Week One:

I will be sharing weeks 1, 2 & 3 on my blog in the next couple of days, so make sure you pop back and check it out.

Also, if you're in the southern suburbs of Perth (SOR for you locals) check out my post HERE about the new club/class that I will be helping to run starting in February.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Get Real Scrapbooking @ Made with Memories

Get Real Scrapbooking - 2013
Love scrapbooking? Love Project Life style scrapbooking?
Do you want to record those everyday moments in life without spending hours completing your album?
Do you want more time to enjoy life and still capture your everyday stories, life's challenges, birthdays, festive occasions and moments to cherish?
The Get Real Club is designed for beginners through to advanced, so no matter what your skill level or style, this club is perfect for everyone. You can enjoy stylish and simple pages or apply your creativity and embellish as much or as little as you like.
Using divided photo pockets you can "Get Real" and record your memories daily, weekly, monthly or as time permits. Life gets busy for all of us at different times so we can enjoy the process of displaying our photos, telling our stories without the pressure of having time restraints.

We welcome new teachers, Mandy and Tamara to our store to guide and inspire you through the process and fun of completing your album. Both Mandy and Tamara are experienced scrapbookers, have great product knowledge and are very keen to help you record your memories.
Club commencing 12th & 15th February 2013. One day and one night class available. For more information, or to make a booking please contact us on (08) 9591 3188

I'm beyond excited and honoured to be the "Tamara" referred to in the class description. I LOVE Project Life, and I love telling anyone (and everyone) I know about it. I have managed to convince a few friends in real life to give it a go (some took a lot more persuasion than others - right, Jess!)

If you live in or near Rockingham, Western Australia I would love to see you at the club!!

The details are as follows:
Tuesday 12/02/2013 10am-2pm $18 (with a $10 store credit)  OR
Friday 15/02/2013 7pm-11pm $18 (with a $10 store credit)

Sunday, January 20, 2013


They really do love each other (when they think no one is watching!)

Photo taken at the Perth Airport Public Viewing Area on Thursday 18/01/2013

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Project Life 2012 - Week Fifty Two

Yay!! I am finally sharing the last week of 2012. I can't explain how good it felt to slip that final journalling card in and call it finished!
That makes it sound like I didn't enjoy the process, and it's not that at all (otherwise I wouldn't be taking on another year of Project Life this year), but there is definitely a sense of achievement when you slip that last card into a year long project! I'm so excited to get started again this year, and can't wait to document another year in our lives!

Main Spread, without Extra Inserts

This was a crazy busy week, mainly because it was the week included Christmas and New Year's, but also because of the way I worked the album. I wanted all of 2012 in the one album, and to start my 2013 album on January 1, so that meant that this week was an 8 day week - it ran from Monday 24/12/12 - Monday 31/12/12.
I tried to keep the more "everyday" things in the main spread (apart from that photo in the bottom right, it's not everyday the bush behind your childs primary school goes up in flame, and sparks a major fire in your suburb!), and added (lots of) inserts to record the "event" type things we did.

Main Spread, with Extra Inserts

I added a lot of inserts this lots even for me! I think there are 5 inserts, all containing multiple photos.
Insert one - is a collage of Christmas morning at home (there's another photo behind it, so that purple on the top, isn't actually part of the collage), we stayed home with the kids and just enjoyed opening and playing with their presents. Mid-morning Ian's family turned up to exchange presents, and they stayed for a couple of hours.

Back of Insert One & Insert Two

After Ian's family left, we quickly went and got changed and bundled the kids into the car to drive to my parents house for a late lunch. I wanted to keep the two events separate, and so I made another collage of photos from my parents house.

This was a really hot and humid week, and it wasn't abnormal for the temperature to still be in the mid 30's at 7/8pm at night. One such evening my sister rang up to ask if we wanted to take the kids fishing with them, Ian had already gone out to get dinner, so as soon as he got home we jumped in the car and ate on the way.
I love this photo of the sunset and the street lights reflecting on the water:

Back of Insert Two & Insert Three

On the back of the sunset photo, I made a collage with some photos from the evening. This was the kids first time fishing, and they LOVED it! I didn't love it quite so much, I was too worried about the kids falling over the side of the area we were fishing it. The water wasn't that deep, and I'm sure that even Benji would have been able to stand, but I was so worried that they would fall and hurt themselves on the rocks, that I couldn't relax.

As I mentioned previously there was a massive fire in my suburb in the days leading up to NYE, and I was able to find a newspaper article about it, technically the newspaper is from January 2, 2013 but I decided to include it in the week it happened.

Back of Insert Three & Insert Four

There was a little more about the fires on the back of the front page, so I left it empty behind so that we can read the entire article, without taking it out of the plastic.

A group shot of Mum, Dad, and Lily with some of Mum and Dad's friends at the Polish Festival we went to.

Back of Insert Four & Insert Five

I LOVE this photo of Benji! Lily was sleeping at my parents house and it was stinking hot, so we took Benji to the beach, he spent pretty much the entire time getting Ian to build sand castles so that he could jump on them, and squash them with his bum.

We had a pretty quiet NYE and stayed at home watching movies with my sister, her hubby and my parents.
I had made sure to grab a copy of the front page of The West Australian from December 31 (I also go the one for January 1, 2013) for my album, and then it was just a matter of picking some photos from the night to include in an insert with the newpaper cover.
I used a Lickety Slip folding plastic by Bazzill Basics, and it is a new favourite! I love that it folds over and you get a peek at some of the photos.

Opened up:

Back of the Insert:

I have one final "insert" to show - the photo in the bottom right is actually a flip up pocket:

We have seen a few Helitacs in our time living here, as there used to be a duckpond down the road, where they filled up, and I knew as soon as I saw this one, he was a beast! A friend actually told me that this is the largest Helitac in WA!!