Thursday, January 3, 2013

Family x12 in 2012

One of the goals that I set myself last year, was to take a family photo every month. It seems easy in theory, but in reality often I am the one behind the camera, and so there weren't many photos prior to last year where all four of us were in it, usually it was Ian and the kids, or the kids and I.

I'm very happy that we succeeded in getting at least one family photo every month in 2012! I won't lie, some months were easier than others, and some months came right down to the wire, and we only just managed to snap a photo in the last few days of the month.

Whether the photos were posed (as was February's when we had a family photo shoot), taken at an event/outing (such as January's, April's, May's, July's, August's, September's and November's), or just taken around the house (June and October), they all evoke memories that I am glad to have recorded.



March (x2)










I love looking back at all of these photos, and seeing how much we have all changed over the course of the year (not so obvious in Ian and I, but the change in the kids in amazing)!

This is definitely something that I will be continuing into 2013 (and beyond!) and once again incorporating the photos into my Project Life album.

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