Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week Forty Three

I can't believe that this year is almost over. It seems like just yesterday I was (not so) patiently waiting for my order of Project Life products to arrive, and all of a sudden it's the end of October.
Looking back at the albums I have full of memories of this year, makes me so happy to have found this system of documenting. Of course I wish that I had found it sooner, and if the desire so strikes me I could go back and do past years, but for now I am more than happy to look forward and continue with this awesome system in the years to come.

Main Spread, without Extra Inserts
A lot of photos from around the house, capturing the everyday moments this week...that's what I love about Project Life, in the years to come we will more than likely be able to remember that time we went out for my birthday dinner/whatever big event, but I want to remember the little things. Things like when Benj turned 2, he was constantly climbing the garage gate and getting stuck, or they way that the kids play together (I'm sure in a few years, this won't be the case!)

Main Spread, with extra Inserts
 I had three extra inserts this week...I can't help it, I have a problem!
Insert One, was a flyer I got from an author event that I went to...I love collecting stuff like this, and now I have a place to put it!

Back of Insert One and Insert Two
I made a 5x7 collage of a photo from the author event, and the signed books.

On Friday night I took Lily out to a gymnastics event, it was the first of it's kind in WA (and possibly Australia)! The Chetkovich Cup was an event which showcased all 7 disciplines of gymsports.
I didn't get many good shots once the event, because of the 'no flash photography' rule! But Lily and I both had a great night, and we do have a few photos to prove it.

Back of Insert Two & Insert Three
These photos on the back of the gymnastics inserts aren't the best (they're phone shots), but I'm glad that they're in there!

The next photo is a 6x6 Instagram photo that I took during the week. I am so excited that Matchbox Twenty will be preforming in Perth in less than 2 weeks! I have been a fan since I was 12, so over half my life! I was listening to Yourself or Someone Like You (their first album), and I was amazed that after almost 20 years I still remember all the words, to all the songs, so it was worth remembering.

Back of Insert Three
We took the kids out to the Canningvale Markets on Sunday (it's kinda like what you would call a flea market in the States, although some stalls sell new stuff). It was really hot, and we didn't stay long, but I took quite a few photos, and had a 6x6 space to fill, so a collage was made!

Here's a little look at my assistant helping me photograph the layouts

Did everybody see the announcement on Becky's blog last night?

It will be interesting to what it means for those of us in Australia and New Zealand. Hopefully it will mean that the products are easier to get hold of. Although I never had any complaints about the service we received from Craft House, being able to pre-order was an advantage that we had, and one which meant we didn't have to sit by a computer waiting for Amazon to upload products, and try and check them out before someone else had the chance. And I was a huge fan of the courier service they used to shop the products to us, it only took about 3 days to get to me from New Zealand (I can't even get domestic mail from the eastern   states that quickly!)

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week Forty Two

Another week done and documented in the album. I know that everyone says that, but I truly do LOVE this project! I a so glad that about a year ago, I was blog-hopping and came across the blogs of some Project Lifers, and decided to see what everything was about!

Main Spread, without extra Inserts

Main Spread, with Extra Insert

Some of photos are a little dark, but that's mostly to do with the lighting when I took the photos of the album, and not the actual printed photos themselves.

I got some new shelves for my scrapbooking Project Life room, so that was a main part of the week, setting everything up, and purging a lot of the scrapbooking supplies that I have accumulated over the years, but haven't touched at all this year!

I only had the one extra insert this week, from a fun day down at the local electrical department store (weird place for it, but they were fundraising for a local children's charity).

Back of the Insert
I was running out of room, and I has specially kept the business card from the face painters, so I attached it straight onto the photo of Lily.

I pulled out my DSLR this week, and took quite a few photos with it, I had forgotten how much I loved taking photos with it. Pity it's so big and I can't carry it around everywhere with me!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week Forty One

Another week down, and still loving everything about this project!

I thought that I had made up my mind about which kit I will be using next year (Seafoam), but yesterday I received Cherry in the mail from Craft House, and I really, really LOVE that kit too! I guess I will now have to wait until I get Seafoam and then decide!

Main Spread, without Inserts

It was still school holidays in Perth, so it was mostly a week of hanging around the house, play dates and going to the movies.

Main Spread, with extra Inserts / Insert One

This week I had three extra inserts - a 6x8, a 5x7 and an 8x10 (plus a little Smiggle tag that I got on an awesome little stapler I bought).

My parents bought Benji a cute Mario remote control car for his birthday, and so on Monday we went to the park to have a play with it. He might only be 2, but he totally knew what he was doing with that car!

Back of Insert One & Insert Two

Lily got a certificate sent to her from our insurer from her time in hospital...it totally made her day!

The kids had a play date with their friends that live across the road. Even though Benji is the littlest by about 3 years, they all play together so well.

Back of Insert Two & Insert Three

The 12th fell during this week, so it was time for another shot at Take Twelve. It was made even more interesting by the fact that I took the kids into the City to see Peppa Pig!

Back of Insert Three

Benji was terrified of Peppa, luckily Ian only works across the road, and so he came over and held Benj so that I could get a photo. 
The colour is a little 'off' in that photo, so I will have to take it back and reprint it.

I also did some different in this weeks photos. That bottom right of the kids watching the iPad in their home-made tent, is actually a flip up photo pocket.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Take Twelve: October 2012

I have actually been keeping up with this project all year, but just got really slack at posting them on the blog!

It was a Peppa Pig themed day!
I caught the train into the city with Benji and my friend (and her two kids), and Lily came in with my sister and her hubby, as she has slept over the night before.

After meeting Peppa Pig (and Benji having a major freakout!), we stayed for some lunch, and then it was time to go home...poor Benj was so tired he fell asleep as soon as the train started moving!

Here's a little photo of the kids with Peppa Pig, notice Ian is holding Benji and he's still crying! But then, he came home and all he wanted to do was watch Peppa Pig on DVD!!

Both of these photos will be going into my Project Life album for Week 41.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week Forty

This was a big week in our house, as the littlest one turned TWO.
I can not believe that little Benji has been in our lives for two whole years, it still feels like just yesterday that I was whining, and wanting the pregnancy to be over, so that we could meet him!

By now, it's clear to anyone who has seen my album(s) that I am addicted to adding inserts, and this week was no exception with four added!

Main Spread, without inserts

Added a few screen shots from things we did (I made a photobook of our holiday in June to Kuala Lumpur), and Ian had another App approved for sale by iTunes/Apple.I love that Project Life gives me somewhere to document these kinds of things.

Main Spread, with extra inserts/Insert One
Monday was a public holiday here in Perth (and most of the other states of Australia), and it was unseasonaly hot (around 34 degrees Celsius), so we took the kids out to the beach and had a nice lunch of fish & chips.

Back of Insert One & Insert Two
The birthday boy - I love his cheeky grin! Whenever we ask him to smile, this is the look we get, so I HAD to document it in Project Life.

Insert Two is a Simple Stories divided 6x8 page protector (with four 3x4 pockets), so I took a small cutout of each of the wrapping papers that Benji's presents were wrapped it.

Back of Insert Two & Insert Three

More wrapping paper. It worked out well actually, there were 8 packets all up and Benji got exactly 8 different wrapping papers...it was meant to be!

A 6x6 collage of Benji's birthday. We just had a quiet morning at home (with no power, thanks to the power company scheduling maintenance!), went out for lunch, and back home again for cake.

Back of Insert Three & Insert Four

October Family Photo (taken on Benji's birthday), and a document holder with his cards in it. I want to get some of the Envelope Pages, but for now this will do.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week Thirty Nine

39 weeks done, and I am still totally, utterly and completely in love with this project!
I am so excited for next year, and (thanks to my awesome sister) have already pre-ordered my kit, I couldn't decide between Seafoam and Cherry, so I got both and will decide later!

This week (really last week), was a really busy week for us - we had a roof plasterer come in and fix Lily's ceiling as part of it was sagging, I was a parent helper at an excursion to the Perth Zoo with Lily's class (and we bumped into my brother there!), school finished for third term (can't believe that there is only one more term of school for the year!), and we went to the Perth Royal Show (the first time ever for the kids).

Main Spread, without extra inserts
As with the last few weeks, I have been adding text to the photos so that I can free up the 3x4 slots, and add more photos, I'm ok with this, and love the look of spreads full of photos.

Main Spread, with extra inserts/Insert One

As I mentioned we had a really busy week, and as a result I ended up with 4 inserts!

Insert Two
At the Zoo I was in charge of Team Rhino, and I couldn't pass up a photo of my little Rhino's with the zoo Rhinos!
The photo is a 10x10 that I had printed at Harvey Norman. I'm so happy with how it turned out!! It was edited in Snapster, and the text was added with a photo editing app, I have on my iPad (can't find it in the app store to link...sorry!)

Back of Insert Two & Insert Three
September family photo (so proud that I have managed to keep up with taking a family photo every month this year!) Again this photo was edited with Snapster, and then uploaded to Instagram. The photo file size was only about 1mb, and I did get a warning on the photo printing machine that it may not be of high enough quality to print as a 10x10, but I ignored it and printed it anyway, and I'm glad that I printed it that big...love the look of large square photos in my album!

Insert Three is a 'Design G' that I added photos from our day at the Royal Show. In the first 3x4 slot I added some backing paper by Pretty Little Studio (Clowning Around) and slipped the entry tickets on top.

I finally gave in and ordered some of the Avery Index Tabs from Amazon, I have searched and searched and can't find them anywhere else. In the end the postage for two packets was more than what the actual product cost, but I'm so glad that I now have some to use in my album!

I just added some more of the same paper I used under the tickets, and printed the date on some white paper and slipped it into the tab.

Back of Insert Three & Insert Four
A 6x6 insert of Vanessa (my twin sister), Lily and I at the Royal Show. This wasn't an instagram photo, it was just a normal photo cropped to square.

I included a QR Code to a video that Ian took of the kids and I on the Tea Cup ride.

Back of Insert Four
This was an instagram photo that I added text to in Picasa.

I have no idea how I will catch up and blog all the weeks I missed. I may just put them up on photobucket or something similar and link the photos only. It will take me forever to blog every week.