Monday, October 29, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week Forty Two

Another week done and documented in the album. I know that everyone says that, but I truly do LOVE this project! I a so glad that about a year ago, I was blog-hopping and came across the blogs of some Project Lifers, and decided to see what everything was about!

Main Spread, without extra Inserts

Main Spread, with Extra Insert

Some of photos are a little dark, but that's mostly to do with the lighting when I took the photos of the album, and not the actual printed photos themselves.

I got some new shelves for my scrapbooking Project Life room, so that was a main part of the week, setting everything up, and purging a lot of the scrapbooking supplies that I have accumulated over the years, but haven't touched at all this year!

I only had the one extra insert this week, from a fun day down at the local electrical department store (weird place for it, but they were fundraising for a local children's charity).

Back of the Insert
I was running out of room, and I has specially kept the business card from the face painters, so I attached it straight onto the photo of Lily.

I pulled out my DSLR this week, and took quite a few photos with it, I had forgotten how much I loved taking photos with it. Pity it's so big and I can't carry it around everywhere with me!

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