Saturday, October 25, 2008

Would have loved to have known you better

This is a layout of Vanessa (my identical twin sister) and I way back in October 1987, we would have been about 3 1/2 years old.
The man in the photo is our Dziadek (grandfather in Polish) and this is one the last, and only photos that we had taken with him (he died in 1989).

This was quite an emotional layout for me to do, as I still miss him everyday, and wonder about all the things that we could have done together while I was growing up.

I do know that he is looking down on us, and I also know that he has met Lily. I never believed in things like this before, but a little while ago I took Lily to my Babcia's house and she was walking around the house like she was following someone (she had only ever been to Babcia's house a handful of times, and she wasnt walking yet those few times), and laughing and giggling. The whole time we were there I felt 'something' but didnt know (or more likely didnt want to know) what it was, and then that night I had a dream, and in my dream Dziadek came to me and said that it was him at Babcia's house, not to be afraid, and that he has been watching over us.

Still now I sometimes feel him around me, and it comforts me to know that he is here with us and he got to meet my little girl.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Colour Combo Challenge #93

Today I decided to give the new colour combos galore challenge a go - not colours I would have ever thought to choose myself, but I love the end result.
I went for a more graphic style, which was a real risk for me, since I normally suck at sticking things down straight!

It's an absolutely terrible photo, but I couldnt get a photo today without the purple looking brown, so I was forced to take it when I got home from uni under the fluro in my scrap room.

(Babcia - is the Polish work for Nanna/Grandma, and technically she is Lily's great-grandma, but everyone calls her Babcia so we decided that Lily will also call her babcia).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Scrappy Weekend

I have been a busy this weekend doing some new layouts, so far I have done 4 (which is a huge effort for me). Although I must admit that I cheated on some of them and used some sketches to help me.

This one was just for me, I love this photo of Ian and Lily, but it's not quite finished yet, I still want to add some little embellies but have to wait for them to arrive.

This one was inspired by Stuck Sketch #60, and used some of the Sass Lass papers from the October Wicked Princesses Enchantress kit - Im really happy with how it turned out, and think that even though it's in shades of brown it is still a girly page.

This one is based on Stuck Sketch #58, and again using the October Enchantress kit - I absolutely love this page, it's definetly one of my favourite pages ever!

This one is based on a sketch from Page Maps, and also using an old colour combos galore combination, also managed to find the Kitty Robot cupcake button that suited the colours so I used that.

Hopefully tonight I will manage to do some more layouts, and maybe even work on one of the CJ's that I have sitting on my desk.

On other news I spent basically all of last week reading, I managed to read 7 books in 7 days! I have been watching a show called True Blood, and then found out that it is actually based on some books called "The Southern Vampire Series" by Charlaine Harris - I read the first book and then I was hooked! There are actually 8 books, but I am waiting for my local library to get the 8th book from another library for me, and no where near me had it. I hope that they get it soon as I really want to find out what happens (although this isnt the final book in the series, book 9 is coming out in February 2009, but I am not even sure if that's the last book or if there will be another one).

Have a great Sunday


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scrapping Retreat

I have made the decision that I am going to attend the Scrap Therapy retreat next year, so far I think that the only confirmed details are that it will be held the first weekend in May in Cairns. Im really looking forward to it, I dont know all the people that have said that also want to go (apart from reading some of their blogs), but I think that a few people I know are going.
Normally I am really shy about these kind of things, but for some reason Im not nervous/shy about the retreat, maybe because everyone on the forum is so nice.

I had a look the other night and it looks like the airfares are going to cost a fortune, but unfortunately there isnt really much further you can fly than from Perth to Cairns!

I bought a one of those money tins that look like a $20 note or another note on them, I just used up some of my cheapie scrap stuff to pretty it up a bit.