Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Colour Combo Challenge #93

Today I decided to give the new colour combos galore challenge a go - not colours I would have ever thought to choose myself, but I love the end result.
I went for a more graphic style, which was a real risk for me, since I normally suck at sticking things down straight!

It's an absolutely terrible photo, but I couldnt get a photo today without the purple looking brown, so I was forced to take it when I got home from uni under the fluro in my scrap room.

(Babcia - is the Polish work for Nanna/Grandma, and technically she is Lily's great-grandma, but everyone calls her Babcia so we decided that Lily will also call her babcia).


  1. Ohhh I think it turned out lovely!

  2. lovely LO !!! Loved using these colours too.