Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lil Red Rocket Giveaway

Shell over at Lil Red Rocket is having an awesome giveaway - check it out!!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lily's Memory Box

In preparation for the arrival of the baby, I have been cleaning up the nursery (which in the 6 months since Lily moved out has become an absolute pigsty!), I came across an old box of stuff from when I was pregnant with Lily, and also from when she was first born. So I decided to make a memory box to keep everything in.

I saw the new papers from Kaiser when I was in my LSS, and knew that I just had to use them, and then to my surprise when I picked up the latest 'workshop' magazine there was a trinket box in there already prettied up using the same range of papers - so the hard part was done (coming up with the design) - thanks Kaiser!!




Inside (I didnt paint the inside, as I really hate the feeling of paint getting under my nails - think nails down a chalkboard, and I was worried it might chip off over time and ruin some of the stuff in the box):

The idea is, that this box will hold all the papery-type stuff, and I have a big container that I am putting some special things in from when she was a baby - the outfit she came home from the hospital in, a blankie that my Nanna (her Great-Grand Mother) crocheted for her, the little lamb that Ian bought from the hospital gift shop and put in her bassinet at the hospital, and things like that.
I know that right now she is too little to appreciate it fully, but when she's older I hope that she enjoys having some things from when she was so little.

I plan on making something similar for this baby, but I need to know their sex first - it's so hard to find neutral scrapbooking papers that I like, so it's just easier if I wait.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A couple more layouts

I actually managed to scrap two more layouts on Sunday afternoon, again they are scraplifts of my own work - but given that I havent scrapped in so long, I think I can be excused.

This is a curious elephant from Zoo Negara in KL - my husband actually took the photo. As much as I bitch about him taking crap photos of me - he does every now and then manage to take some awesome photos:

Detail Shot:
Using a cute little Lil Red Rocket button as a feature embellishment.

Again another photo from KL, just a sweet little moment between Ian and Lily:
(the colours are a little off in this one, but no matter what I did I couldnt get it to look right)

Detail Shots:


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Soon we find out....

if the little baby in my belly is another little girl, or a boy. So in honour of that I decided to scrap my very first belly pic, and baby themed layout.
This is a photo from last Sunday when I was 16 weeks (so it only took me a week to get around to using it), I think that I am starting to actually look pregnant and not just a little fat in the middle. Some people still cant tell, but I guess it all depends on what I am wearing - when I have my uniform of gym pants and stretchy top on there's no hiding it, but when I have normal clothes on I guess it's not so obvious.

So far everything has been going well with the pregnancy, and finally it seems that my morning sickness is settling down. I still have some bad days, but on average I have more good days than bad.

Pink or Blue?

I should mention that the design of this layout is a total rip off of another layout in my album, which I *think* was originally a sketch challenge over at What's Old is New (I cant remember exactly where the sketch is from, but I can tell you that it is one from the very talented Wendy Smith).

Detail Shot:

I love that little Bambi button, and have been waiting to use it ever since I found out that I was pregnant. I have had to hide the rest of them from Lily though, as she saw them and claimed them as her own!

Speaking of Lily, she is really enjoying spending time doing her own 'scrapbooking' it usually just involved using one of my trimmers and cutting paper into thin strips, but I am really loving the fact that she likes scrapping too. It means that we will are able to sneak off and spend some quality time together now, and once the baby is born.