Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lily's Memory Box

In preparation for the arrival of the baby, I have been cleaning up the nursery (which in the 6 months since Lily moved out has become an absolute pigsty!), I came across an old box of stuff from when I was pregnant with Lily, and also from when she was first born. So I decided to make a memory box to keep everything in.

I saw the new papers from Kaiser when I was in my LSS, and knew that I just had to use them, and then to my surprise when I picked up the latest 'workshop' magazine there was a trinket box in there already prettied up using the same range of papers - so the hard part was done (coming up with the design) - thanks Kaiser!!




Inside (I didnt paint the inside, as I really hate the feeling of paint getting under my nails - think nails down a chalkboard, and I was worried it might chip off over time and ruin some of the stuff in the box):

The idea is, that this box will hold all the papery-type stuff, and I have a big container that I am putting some special things in from when she was a baby - the outfit she came home from the hospital in, a blankie that my Nanna (her Great-Grand Mother) crocheted for her, the little lamb that Ian bought from the hospital gift shop and put in her bassinet at the hospital, and things like that.
I know that right now she is too little to appreciate it fully, but when she's older I hope that she enjoys having some things from when she was so little.

I plan on making something similar for this baby, but I need to know their sex first - it's so hard to find neutral scrapbooking papers that I like, so it's just easier if I wait.


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