Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scrapping Retreat

I have made the decision that I am going to attend the Scrap Therapy retreat next year, so far I think that the only confirmed details are that it will be held the first weekend in May in Cairns. Im really looking forward to it, I dont know all the people that have said that also want to go (apart from reading some of their blogs), but I think that a few people I know are going.
Normally I am really shy about these kind of things, but for some reason Im not nervous/shy about the retreat, maybe because everyone on the forum is so nice.

I had a look the other night and it looks like the airfares are going to cost a fortune, but unfortunately there isnt really much further you can fly than from Perth to Cairns!

I bought a one of those money tins that look like a $20 note or another note on them, I just used up some of my cheapie scrap stuff to pretty it up a bit.


  1. Oh my gosh...i'm soooo jealous!!! Cairns is such a stretch isnt it? If it were Melbourne or Sydney i'd have no problems tacking it on to a visit for family or work.

    Anyway, enough about're gonna have SOOOOOO much fun!!!!

  2. You've inspired me Tamara!!
    I would love to go and thought it would be too hard.
    But seeing your tin, I might have to do the same.
    I might see you there!!