Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week Forty

This was a big week in our house, as the littlest one turned TWO.
I can not believe that little Benji has been in our lives for two whole years, it still feels like just yesterday that I was whining, and wanting the pregnancy to be over, so that we could meet him!

By now, it's clear to anyone who has seen my album(s) that I am addicted to adding inserts, and this week was no exception with four added!

Main Spread, without inserts

Added a few screen shots from things we did (I made a photobook of our holiday in June to Kuala Lumpur), and Ian had another App approved for sale by iTunes/Apple.I love that Project Life gives me somewhere to document these kinds of things.

Main Spread, with extra inserts/Insert One
Monday was a public holiday here in Perth (and most of the other states of Australia), and it was unseasonaly hot (around 34 degrees Celsius), so we took the kids out to the beach and had a nice lunch of fish & chips.

Back of Insert One & Insert Two
The birthday boy - I love his cheeky grin! Whenever we ask him to smile, this is the look we get, so I HAD to document it in Project Life.

Insert Two is a Simple Stories divided 6x8 page protector (with four 3x4 pockets), so I took a small cutout of each of the wrapping papers that Benji's presents were wrapped it.

Back of Insert Two & Insert Three

More wrapping paper. It worked out well actually, there were 8 packets all up and Benji got exactly 8 different wrapping was meant to be!

A 6x6 collage of Benji's birthday. We just had a quiet morning at home (with no power, thanks to the power company scheduling maintenance!), went out for lunch, and back home again for cake.

Back of Insert Three & Insert Four

October Family Photo (taken on Benji's birthday), and a document holder with his cards in it. I want to get some of the Envelope Pages, but for now this will do.

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  1. I love how you included the wrapping paper from his presents, such a wonderful idea! I have a birthday I have to scrap and a second coming up this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration.