Thursday, October 4, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week Thirty Nine

39 weeks done, and I am still totally, utterly and completely in love with this project!
I am so excited for next year, and (thanks to my awesome sister) have already pre-ordered my kit, I couldn't decide between Seafoam and Cherry, so I got both and will decide later!

This week (really last week), was a really busy week for us - we had a roof plasterer come in and fix Lily's ceiling as part of it was sagging, I was a parent helper at an excursion to the Perth Zoo with Lily's class (and we bumped into my brother there!), school finished for third term (can't believe that there is only one more term of school for the year!), and we went to the Perth Royal Show (the first time ever for the kids).

Main Spread, without extra inserts
As with the last few weeks, I have been adding text to the photos so that I can free up the 3x4 slots, and add more photos, I'm ok with this, and love the look of spreads full of photos.

Main Spread, with extra inserts/Insert One

As I mentioned we had a really busy week, and as a result I ended up with 4 inserts!

Insert Two
At the Zoo I was in charge of Team Rhino, and I couldn't pass up a photo of my little Rhino's with the zoo Rhinos!
The photo is a 10x10 that I had printed at Harvey Norman. I'm so happy with how it turned out!! It was edited in Snapster, and the text was added with a photo editing app, I have on my iPad (can't find it in the app store to link...sorry!)

Back of Insert Two & Insert Three
September family photo (so proud that I have managed to keep up with taking a family photo every month this year!) Again this photo was edited with Snapster, and then uploaded to Instagram. The photo file size was only about 1mb, and I did get a warning on the photo printing machine that it may not be of high enough quality to print as a 10x10, but I ignored it and printed it anyway, and I'm glad that I printed it that the look of large square photos in my album!

Insert Three is a 'Design G' that I added photos from our day at the Royal Show. In the first 3x4 slot I added some backing paper by Pretty Little Studio (Clowning Around) and slipped the entry tickets on top.

I finally gave in and ordered some of the Avery Index Tabs from Amazon, I have searched and searched and can't find them anywhere else. In the end the postage for two packets was more than what the actual product cost, but I'm so glad that I now have some to use in my album!

I just added some more of the same paper I used under the tickets, and printed the date on some white paper and slipped it into the tab.

Back of Insert Three & Insert Four
A 6x6 insert of Vanessa (my twin sister), Lily and I at the Royal Show. This wasn't an instagram photo, it was just a normal photo cropped to square.

I included a QR Code to a video that Ian took of the kids and I on the Tea Cup ride.

Back of Insert Four
This was an instagram photo that I added text to in Picasa.

I have no idea how I will catch up and blog all the weeks I missed. I may just put them up on photobucket or something similar and link the photos only. It will take me forever to blog every week.

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