Friday, September 14, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week Thirty Six

It's been so long, that I almost forgot the login for my blog! But I'm back now with the latest week of Project  Life...36 weeks done, and I still love this project!
I did have a little break for a while, and got about 10 weeks behind, but that's the beauty of a project like this, I was able to catch up in no time!

Main Spread, without extra Inserts

Lily nicknamed this layout the week of Lily, and in a second (when I show the inserts) you'll see why!
Main Spread, with extra inserts

It was a pretty big week in our house, as on the Monday Lily had her tonsils and adenoids out - it involved an overnight hospital stay (Lily asked Ian to stay at the hospital with her, and I went home with Benji). She did so well with the surgery, I cried more than she did!

Insert One

6x6 insert was a movie watching kind of week
Pretty much all we did during the days at home was watch movies at home, Benji loves watching Barbie movies just as much as Lily.

Back of Insert One & Insert Two

Lily's school had open night on Wednesday, and even though she was in quite a bit of pain she really wanted to go and show us around her classroom. Her teachers were both really shocked to see her looking so well.

I love Project Life - it gave me somewhere to keep Lily's hospital name tag!

Insert Three - Lily's get well card

Insert Four - Design G; Lily in the hospital

Back of Insert Four & Insert 5
More photos of Lily at the hospital, and the bravery award she got in recovery.

Insert Six
On the back of the bravery award, I want to journal about Lily's surgery, and recovery. Will get onto that soon!

One of my bestest friends, Sarah (she's the one the arrow is pointing to) was in the West Australian, so I had to cut that out and keep it.

I will be back soon, and will start posting all the layouts that I missed out on showing over the last couple of months.

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  1. Love your week and have missed seeing them. love all your inserts and the bravery award for Lily - should have them in labour wards !! Looks awesome :)