Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week Forty One

Another week down, and still loving everything about this project!

I thought that I had made up my mind about which kit I will be using next year (Seafoam), but yesterday I received Cherry in the mail from Craft House, and I really, really LOVE that kit too! I guess I will now have to wait until I get Seafoam and then decide!

Main Spread, without Inserts

It was still school holidays in Perth, so it was mostly a week of hanging around the house, play dates and going to the movies.

Main Spread, with extra Inserts / Insert One

This week I had three extra inserts - a 6x8, a 5x7 and an 8x10 (plus a little Smiggle tag that I got on an awesome little stapler I bought).

My parents bought Benji a cute Mario remote control car for his birthday, and so on Monday we went to the park to have a play with it. He might only be 2, but he totally knew what he was doing with that car!

Back of Insert One & Insert Two

Lily got a certificate sent to her from our insurer from her time in hospital...it totally made her day!

The kids had a play date with their friends that live across the road. Even though Benji is the littlest by about 3 years, they all play together so well.

Back of Insert Two & Insert Three

The 12th fell during this week, so it was time for another shot at Take Twelve. It was made even more interesting by the fact that I took the kids into the City to see Peppa Pig!

Back of Insert Three

Benji was terrified of Peppa, luckily Ian only works across the road, and so he came over and held Benj so that I could get a photo. 
The colour is a little 'off' in that photo, so I will have to take it back and reprint it.

I also did some different in this weeks photos. That bottom right of the kids watching the iPad in their home-made tent, is actually a flip up photo pocket.