Saturday, October 13, 2012

Take Twelve: October 2012

I have actually been keeping up with this project all year, but just got really slack at posting them on the blog!

It was a Peppa Pig themed day!
I caught the train into the city with Benji and my friend (and her two kids), and Lily came in with my sister and her hubby, as she has slept over the night before.

After meeting Peppa Pig (and Benji having a major freakout!), we stayed for some lunch, and then it was time to go home...poor Benj was so tired he fell asleep as soon as the train started moving!

Here's a little photo of the kids with Peppa Pig, notice Ian is holding Benji and he's still crying! But then, he came home and all he wanted to do was watch Peppa Pig on DVD!!

Both of these photos will be going into my Project Life album for Week 41.

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  1. What cheerful and colorful pictures! i love your photo collage, too.