Sunday, January 13, 2013

52 Weeks (2013) - 1/52 & 2/52

I have seen this idea floating around on the interweb and a few blogs that I read (in particular Rhonda's blog), and so I meant to post about it last week, but somehow life got in the way, and I'm only just getting to it now. Oh well, luckily I at least remembered to snap photos in the mean time.

Basically the idea is to take a photo of your child(ren) every week for the year. The idea was started by Jodi...check out her blog HERE

I have decided that some weeks I may get a photo of the kids together, and some weeks it may be individual photos. I'm going to try and not stress about it. Since successfully documenting 2012 in the form of Project Life as well as doing Familyx12 (which I will also be continuing), I have realised that for me to be successful and committed to a year long project, I just have to go with the flow and take it as it comes. No point stressing out! An individual photo of each the kids, is better than no photo at all!

My aim at the end of the year is to get the photos printed into a photo book (must start saving my pennies now!).

The kids at the movies on New Years Day (we saw Wreck it Ralph),
 it's become a bit of a family tradition (going to the movies) and one 
we hope to continue for a few more years yet!

Benji playing Peek-a-Boo - I was trying to get a photo of him in his 
new hat, and he was being silly - the result was this photo.

Lily spinning in her new party dress.

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  1. What a wonderful idea this is Tamara! It will be so lovely to have all these memories when the kids are all grown up. (Believe me, that happens way to quickly!). Great idea to reward yourself at the end of the year with a photo book. Good luck! :)

  2. Sweet children you have there.
    Have a lovely week.