Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Project Life 2012 - Week Fifty Two

Yay!! I am finally sharing the last week of 2012. I can't explain how good it felt to slip that final journalling card in and call it finished!
That makes it sound like I didn't enjoy the process, and it's not that at all (otherwise I wouldn't be taking on another year of Project Life this year), but there is definitely a sense of achievement when you slip that last card into a year long project! I'm so excited to get started again this year, and can't wait to document another year in our lives!

Main Spread, without Extra Inserts

This was a crazy busy week, mainly because it was the week included Christmas and New Year's, but also because of the way I worked the album. I wanted all of 2012 in the one album, and to start my 2013 album on January 1, so that meant that this week was an 8 day week - it ran from Monday 24/12/12 - Monday 31/12/12.
I tried to keep the more "everyday" things in the main spread (apart from that photo in the bottom right, it's not everyday the bush behind your childs primary school goes up in flame, and sparks a major fire in your suburb!), and added (lots of) inserts to record the "event" type things we did.

Main Spread, with Extra Inserts

I added a lot of inserts this week...like lots even for me! I think there are 5 inserts, all containing multiple photos.
Insert one - is a collage of Christmas morning at home (there's another photo behind it, so that purple on the top, isn't actually part of the collage), we stayed home with the kids and just enjoyed opening and playing with their presents. Mid-morning Ian's family turned up to exchange presents, and they stayed for a couple of hours.

Back of Insert One & Insert Two

After Ian's family left, we quickly went and got changed and bundled the kids into the car to drive to my parents house for a late lunch. I wanted to keep the two events separate, and so I made another collage of photos from my parents house.

This was a really hot and humid week, and it wasn't abnormal for the temperature to still be in the mid 30's at 7/8pm at night. One such evening my sister rang up to ask if we wanted to take the kids fishing with them, Ian had already gone out to get dinner, so as soon as he got home we jumped in the car and ate on the way.
I love this photo of the sunset and the street lights reflecting on the water:

Back of Insert Two & Insert Three

On the back of the sunset photo, I made a collage with some photos from the evening. This was the kids first time fishing, and they LOVED it! I didn't love it quite so much, I was too worried about the kids falling over the side of the area we were fishing it. The water wasn't that deep, and I'm sure that even Benji would have been able to stand, but I was so worried that they would fall and hurt themselves on the rocks, that I couldn't relax.

As I mentioned previously there was a massive fire in my suburb in the days leading up to NYE, and I was able to find a newspaper article about it, technically the newspaper is from January 2, 2013 but I decided to include it in the week it happened.

Back of Insert Three & Insert Four

There was a little more about the fires on the back of the front page, so I left it empty behind so that we can read the entire article, without taking it out of the plastic.

A group shot of Mum, Dad, and Lily with some of Mum and Dad's friends at the Polish Festival we went to.

Back of Insert Four & Insert Five

I LOVE this photo of Benji! Lily was sleeping at my parents house and it was stinking hot, so we took Benji to the beach, he spent pretty much the entire time getting Ian to build sand castles so that he could jump on them, and squash them with his bum.

We had a pretty quiet NYE and stayed at home watching movies with my sister, her hubby and my parents.
I had made sure to grab a copy of the front page of The West Australian from December 31 (I also go the one for January 1, 2013) for my album, and then it was just a matter of picking some photos from the night to include in an insert with the newpaper cover.
I used a Lickety Slip folding plastic by Bazzill Basics, and it is a new favourite! I love that it folds over and you get a peek at some of the photos.

Opened up:

Back of the Insert:

I have one final "insert" to show - the photo in the bottom right is actually a flip up pocket:

We have seen a few Helitacs in our time living here, as there used to be a duckpond down the road, where they filled up, and I knew as soon as I saw this one, he was a beast! A friend actually told me that this is the largest Helitac in WA!!

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