Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Weeks One, Two & Three

I blogged about Week Four yesterday, you can see that post >>HERE<<

As I mentioned in the post yesterday, I have been pretty slack with blogging my latest weekly layouts, but there was a reason behind it. I kinda took a break for a couple of weeks. I had just finished all of 2012, and I wanted a chance to appreciate the enormity of the task that was, completing Project Life 2012, and not rush straight into 2013.

Anyway, I'm back with the first three weeks of the new year to share.

Week One
Main Spread, without extra inserts

This week was only a short week, as I started it on the Tuesday (January 1), instead of Monday's like I normally do.

I have a confession to make, those photos of the new carpet in Benji's room, are actually from week two, and I've only just now noticed that I put them in the wrong week!

Main Spread, with extra Inserts

I added a couple of inserts this week, one was the front page of The West Australian (WA's newspaper) from January 1st. Front pages of newspapers from around the world, can be found here.

Back of Insert One & Insert Two
Lily and her friend Hayley at Hayley's sixth birthday party, and our January family photo.

Back of Insert Two

Grid collage of some extra photos from the cricket.

Week Two
Main Spread, without extra Inserts

It was really hot in Perth this week, so we spent a lot of time around the house, or at friends houses for play dates.

Main Spread, with extra Insert
LOVE this photo of Benji!

Back of Insert
Benji in his favourite orange hard-hat...love this photo of him too!

Week Three
Main Spread, without extra Inserts
A lot of "extra" stuff added this week...I went to the movies twice (once with the kids, and once kiddie free with Ian), and Lily went to a disco at the Fairies Shop.

Main Spread, with Extra Inserts
This photo of Lily in her fairy dress was too cute not to include in the album (it was originally an Instagram photo that I blew up to 6x6).

Back of Insert
Another Instagram photo that I just *had* to add. Lily and Benji were playing with makeup (why is it that kids always want to put on the hideously bright/hard to wash off colours?) and Lily put a lilttle bit of eyeshadow on him, but Benj decided that it wasn't enough and added more...much more!

The photo of the kids and I in the top left corner on the right hand spread, is actually a flip up pocket, it's the first time I have ever used a flip pocket on a top photo (normally I use them down the bottom).
Sorry for the glare on the bottom photo!

That's it! Now I am all caught up in blogging my Project Life layouts...back to weekly posts from now on!

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