Monday, January 28, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week Four

I have been so slack in blogging (and finishing) this years pages. Weeks One and Two are pretty much finished, but need a couple of journalling cards each. Week Three is finished, so I will blog about that in a couple of days. But I thought that I would start at the current week (well, the week just finished).

Main Spread, without extra Insert

Something extra I have added this week (and every week so far this year), is that 3x4 "this week" card. Sometimes during the week we do things that aren't worthy of being photographed, or don't make it into the album, and this is a way to include a few extra things into our weekly spread.

I loved that photo of the kids from Australia Day (that I shared on the blog HERE), so I decided to blow it up and print it as a 12x12. I really like the impact having one large photo makes, and so I don't mind that it means I can't add as many extra photos that week.

That photo of Benji in the bottom left pocket breaks my heart! Lily went for a sleep over at my parents house and we didn't let him go - their power was being cut all day the next day for maintenance, and we thought it would be too hard for him (and Mum & Dad)! The poor kid cried for a good 15 minutes after Mum left with Lily..."I want my Lily" & "I go Nannie's house too" were the main things coming out of his little mouth.

Main Spread, with extra Insert

I had some extra photos that I wanted to include from an afternoon play at the local park, and Australia Day so I added in a cut-down Design A plastic. It was my first cutting that particular design of plastic, as they are like gold around here, and I save them all for the main weekly spreads. But, I love the look, and it's something that I will do again (when I get some more!)

Lily took that top photo of me from the afternoon at the park, and also the one of Benji, she's a pretty good little photographer!

I also attached a tab that I had punched out of the 12x12 Seafoam paper to the insert, so that it was a little easier to see that it is an insert and not just my awesome photo putting in skills!

Back of Insert

A few photos & a journalling card about our Australia Day. We spent the morning at the grounds of the local council and had a BBQ breakfast (well I did, apparently no one else in my family thinks BBQ's are an appropriate breakfast food!) And in the evening we went to the Fremantle Wharf and watched the fireworks.

All photos (except the 12x12) were printed at home on my new's a photo I shared on Instagram a little earlier this afternoon:

My awesome sister bought me an Epson Picturemate during the week! 
I LOVE it!! 
And am so excited about how much easier it is going to make staying current with my PL album (although I was pretty good last year, and only fell off the wagon once...for 3 months!)
I will still have to outsource any larger inserts that I want to add, but I think that's something that I will only do every couple of weeks and just add them in later.


  1. That new printer is so exciting! Printing at home would be so easy, I think I am going to look into getting a photo printer.
    And I love that huge 12x12 photo... great idea!

  2. The 12 x 12 picture cut down to fit your project life insert is fantastic. I love it loads. Definitely going to scraplift the idea for my project life too.
    Thanks for the idea. x