Saturday, January 12, 2013

Project Life 2012 - Week Fifty

I successfully completed my 2012 Project Life album(s), but I got a little slack at the end of last year, and wasn't updating the blog.
Over the next week or so, I will share the remaining weekly layouts from 2012, and then move on to showing my 2013 layouts.

Main Spread without Extra Inserts
I went super simple this week, and added 3 4x6 photos on the left hand side, and cut up a 12x12 photo for the right hand side. I love this look (the 12x12 photo) and will definitely be continuing it into my 2013 albums(s). 
I will try to have a post up during the week, with what my plans are for the coming year, in terms of how I will be approaching Project Life.

Main Spread with Extra Inserts/ Insert One
Even though I added a 12x12 photo (which may indiciate that I didn't have enough photos to fill the spread [which was not the case at all, I just chose to only add one large photo from the Christmas Pageant], I still added a couple of little inserts).

Insert One was a photo of Lily with her teacher - don't be shy to ask if you can take a photo of your child and their teacher(s). I always get a little embarrassed asking, but Lily has only been in school for 2 years (Kindy in 2011, and Pre-Primary in 2012), and in that time she has had two teachers, and five Education Assistants (one for kindy, and two for Pre-Primary), and I have a photo of her with each of them. I know that it's something that she will appreaciate looking back on, and so each year I will hide my embarrassment and ask for a photo. 

*I should add that no teacher/EA has actually ever said no to me, I just get embarrassed asking for the photo*

Back of Insert One & Insert Two

The back of insert one is of Lily and her Education Assistants (I'm so annoyed with myself, I accidentally put the flash on and so one of the photos has a strange yellow colour to it, but I didn't notice until we were home already, and unfortunately that EA wasn't scheduled to work in our class again before the end of the year). 

I went to an author talk and signing, so I slipped the flyer into the album too - I love all the little things that I have collected over the course of the year and slipped into my album.

Back of Insert Two
Lily's school had a graduation assembly during the week, so I slipped the program into the plastic, and then on top slipped in a little certificate that Lily received the two EA's that took her for a little extra help during the year.


  1. Lovely layout. As a teacher, I have never said no to a parent asking to take a photo of me with their child. I secretly love it and hope it and want to tell them all about project life!

  2. Love it, Tamara! What a wonderful way to record your memories :-). I'm a bit the same about asking for teacher pics!! LOL

  3. This is fantastic, loving your big photo and that is a great idea to ask for photos with the teachers, wish I'd done that last year. Oh well, note to self for this year. Thanks for the tip!