Friday, October 30, 2009

Some News and a Cyber Crop

Some of you may have noticed that I snuck a new logo onto my blog - if not I'm very happy to announce that I am now on the DT for Scraps of Us. Over the past three weeks, I have been taking part in a competition to help find some new members for the DT - I found out yesterday morning that I made the team and it was a struggle to keep my mouth shut until the announcement was made on the forum.

These are the layouts I completed for each of the 3 rounds:

ROUND 1: Criteria was that it had to be a layout about yourself, but the catch was you couldnt include a photo:

ROUND 2: Layout had to be of our greatest achievement, and also had to show case a technique (which we also had to provide instructions for). I actually just did a layout on the same topic for Butterfly Crafts, so instead of doing another one on me completing uni, I decided to pay tribute to my weightloss over the course of this year.

ROUND 3: We had to complete a layout for $5 or less - sounds easy, right? It's harder than you think when you add up just how much all the little things you put on a layout cost. I chose to do a minimalist style layout (not to save money, as I still charged myself for 2 sheets of patterned paper, but just to try something different).

I just want to say (for about the hundredth time), thanks to Vicki, Sam and Carly -for giving me this opportunity. Im also really excited to be working with the other new members of the DT - Chloe, Michelle, and Maria-Helena.

As if it wasnt exciting enough just making the DT, there is also a Cyber Crop this weekend, and we are all being thrown in the deep end and having to come up with a challenge (mine will go up on Sunday).

The theme for the CC is "GO GREEN" it's all about reducing, reusing and recycling. So if you have some time over the weekend, why dont you pop on over and join in the fun.

I have a few other layouts to share, but we have been 'shaped' so my internet is super slow - I will be back early next week to share some more.



  1. Congrats again on your DT position! Will be great working with you. Can't wait to see your challenge this weekend :-) it's going to be fun

  2. Woohoo!! Way to go Tamara!!
    You are on a roll!

    Love the layouts you did for the comp. No wonder they chose you.