Thursday, June 17, 2010

Benji's Memory Box

I found out a couple of weeks ago at my morphology scan that I am expecting a little boy - so I set straight to work on making a little memory box to keep all my important pregnancy memorabilia (and later birth related things) in.

I went for something a bit more bright and cheerful than I would usually do, but having never done anything boy related I didnt really know where to start!
Either way, I am happy with the result.

Obviously we have chosen his name already - Benji, not Benjamin...just Benji.

Some detail shots of those cute little robots:

Other than that, I haven't done any scrapping since I last updated. I have no time or energy, and in fact dare I desire at the moment to scrap. Hopefully that will change, but with only about 16 weeks until my little man arrives - time is running out.



  1. I cant believe it's only 16 weeks till he'll be here!!!

  2. love this memory box .... wont be long until its full of itty bitty boy stuff!!!