Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I've been scrapping

Mystical had their very first cyber crop for the year this past weekend, and I managed to get two of the challenges done, that's got to be a record for me (well it's not all entirely my fault I have two whole days to myself during the week when Lily is at 'school' and Ian is at work, so I feel guilty if I scrap too much on the weekends).

Here's one of the challenges, it was for Christine's blind scrap:

Detail Shot:
I love that little Bambi (Lily also loves playing with it, and every night will come and ask me to do some stamping - the wooden block is now ruined with ink smeared all over it, but hey - it makes my baby girl happy so Im not fussed).

Oh wow, I also just realised that this is my 100th post - it only took me almost 2 years!!



  1. Beautiful LO Tamara. That stamp is so cute. xx

  2. Oh this is great Tam. lol about the dear stamp being loved by Lilly.

    Oh and my 52 week album is in one word CHUNKY