Saturday, September 17, 2011

KL 2011 - Day 1

A lack of updates on here, usually means that I haven't been doing much scrapping. But, this time it's the opposite, I have been really busy trying to finish my travel album, from our holiday in March/April.

I have been doing random bits and pieces in terms of the layouts (hence why the album is already so fat!), but have actually only managed to completely finish one day so far, the easiest one too - day 1, the day we flew in. 

It's a mixture of layouts, memorabilia, place cards and photos - day one only has 8.5x11 layouts, but some of the other days I have mixed it up and added some 8x8 layouts, and different sized photo slips, just to add to the interactive-ness (is that even a word!) of the album.
I actually think that I was born to be a scrapbooker, I'm a hoarder from way back, and when trying to put together a holiday album it comes in handy!

I will apologise for the bad photos now, everything is still in it's slips - it would have been too much work (and you would have lost the effect) if I pulled everything out. I was in the garage, so I'm not sure why there still is so much glare on the plastic...sorry!


We didn't do much on this day, as our plane landed at lunchtime, and by the time we cleared customs (it takes ages, especially when there are 9 [we Ian, the kids, and I were joined by my parents, my sister and her husband, and my little brother] of you travelling together), found the mini bus I had arranged to take us to the hotel, and then checked in, it was about 3pm.

Ian, the kids, and I hit Pavilion Shopping Mall to get something to eat, and stock up on groceries - we only brought the bear minimum in nappies, wipes, personal care products with us, as it is all so much cheaper in KL. Genius idea to save on luggage weight and space, but meant that we couldn't have a shower until we'd been to the shops.
The rest of our travelling party went to Menara Tower, for a 'High Tea'.

Opening Page:
(this layout is a scraplift of a layout I saw on the Jillibean Soup blog - HERE)

Page 2/3

Page 4/5

Page 6/7

Close up of the Day 1 collage:

I really love the way it's coming together. I have a few scrappy days this week, so I'm hoping to get it finished soon, although I think that I may need another album, as once I add the rest of the photos to this one, I think it's going to be very full!



  1. WOOH! cant wait to see this in person.... you better have it out on tuesday. I still dont know which pictures im going to use yet...

  2. Wow what an awesome album about ur visit to Malaysia ;) Put a smile on my face!