Monday, October 17, 2011

Childhood Memories

I got some gorgeous buttons in the mail last week from Ronnie, and as soon as I saw the Raggedy Ann button, I just knew the theme of the layout I wanted to use it on.

Growing up with red hair, and freckles wasn't always easy! We (my twin sister and I) were always picked on, and teased (funny how things change - all I wanted was to have a little orange-haired baby...instead I got two blondies!)

Freckle Faced Fart Machines:

I just realised that I photographed the layout, before I put the date on it. But that's us way back in 1991. 
In case anyone is wondering, I'm the one on the right, and Vanessa's on the left (if you look really closely my dress is actually red, and Vanessa's is pink).


The journalling reads: According to the logic of 6 and 7 years olds. Our read hair and freckles made us: [title]

It's easy enough to have a giggle now, but at the time it was really upsetting. Luckily our primary school had a good anti-bullying policy and it was stamped out pretty quick. Although I was more than a little shocked, when I heard this term being used by some of the bigger kids at Lily's school. 

Maybe one day the message will get through and kids will stop taunting each other based on their physical appearance. Until then, I'm going to make sure that I tell my kids everyday how much I love them, and how beautiful they are. Hopefully that way they will never, ever have to have a moment of self doubt/hatred, brought on by the taunts of others.



  1. Tamara this is such a beautiful layout with a very important message.ersonally, I think our anti bullying policies are crap but hey, the best u can do is teach ur kids to be good people an dto deal with their problems responsibly. U know what? When I was little I dreamed of having red hair lol!! I just love a head of bright red hair, I think it's beautiful!