Friday, November 4, 2011

KL Layouts, Day 2

To see the overview of Day here.

A Holiday for 4
A family photo, taken in front of the iconic water/light fountain in front of Pavilion Shopping Mall.
One of the many 8x8 layouts that I decided to put in my album.


Workplace Safety
Walking to the Pavilion, we were shocked to look across the road and see the workers on the building - not a single safety line in sight! They were up a couple of storeys high too!!


Kuala Lumpur 2011
Another photo in front of the fountain - we were lucky enough to find a kind passerby who offered to take a photo of all of us.
From L-R: Vanessa (my twin), Lily, Jon (Vanessa's Husband), Mum, Dad, Jamie (my brother), Me, Benji and Ian.


Papa Johns
The BEST pizza place - the food is delicious, and best of all CHEAP!!


A whole layout dedicated to the Pavilion Fountain.


Day 2 Collage


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