Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some more 8x8 layouts

I really like doing the smaller sized layouts, and have been doing more - now I just have to find an album for all the layouts I'm doing!

Generation Alpha
While wasting time on the net one day, I decided to look up what generation 'name' my kids belong to. Even though there's only 3 years between my two, they are actually in two different generations - Lily is generation Z, and Benji is generation Alpha.


And now one of Lily - I LOVE this photo of Lil. I snapped it one day when she was mucking around in the cot with Benji. It's typical Lily! Whenever I get the photos of my camera, there's always so many that she has taken, her favourite things to take photos of are, her feet, and selfies.

Just Like Mum



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  1. Love these two funky layouts Tamara!! Great idea with the generations!