Saturday, December 29, 2012

Twenty Twelve Christmas Card Album

This year I collected all the Christmas cards we received (including the ones Lily got from her school friends), and I stuck them to the wall near our Christmas Tree.

This isn't all the cards, but silly me forgot to take a photo of 
all the cards, before we took them down!

Once we took them down, I knew that I wanted to something with them (other than just shoving them in a box!) I actually made something a while ago for Lily's birth congratulation cards (you know the cards you get when a baby is born), and another one for Benji's first birthday cards (although neither of them are actually finished!) Anyway, with that in mind I made a little chipboard album for the Christmas cards.

I used the same paper on the front and back cover  (although 
now I'm kinda regretting it, that red chevron makes me dizzy!)

Close up of the title:

The album is pretty chunky, but I didn't want to leave any cards out:

On the inside cover, I decided to stick in one of the family Christmas photos we had taken, I think it will be nice to look back in the years to come and quickly and easily see what we all looked like. 
I also put in a little 4x6 plastic page/photo protector on top of the first card, so that I could also include all the little cards that were too small to be punched and added in by themselves.

I didn't actually use *proper* scrapbooking chipboard, as last night when I decided to make this album my local scrapbooking store was already closed, and I'm way too impatient to order things online and wait (espeically with all the public holidays between Christmas and New Years). So, instead I went to Officeworks and I bought a sketch album  (it was only $3.00), and the back of that was nice thick, sturdy of both world's really, I got the chipboard I wanted, and the kids now have some nice, thick paper to draw/paint on.

This is the book I bought, but there were a few different 
brands, I just got the cheapest, in the size that I was after.


  1. what a great idea Tamara. I am so doing this for all of the baby and birthday cards I have for the 3 kids.

  2. that is so cool Tamara... I love journal books.. they are so sweet and a lovely keepsake

  3. Lovely way to keep them all together.

  4. Great idea and I love your idea to go to officeworks!