Monday, December 10, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week Forty Eight

I didn't post last weeks pages, as I was waiting to get a photo for it - we had Santa photos taken, and even though I rang up and double checked we would be able to pick up the photos within a couple of hours, when we got there to have the photos taken we were told that we could't pick them up for a week! 

Week Forty Eight
Main Spread, without Extra Inserts

We had a pretty quiet week, and stayed home a lot. The kids are happy to play around the house, and don't complain that when some days we don't leave the house (apart from going to school).
This week I used a journalling card from the CHERRY core kit, I thought it was pretty cute with the tree on it, and it matched the colours on the date card pretty well.

Main Spread, with Extra Inserts

Without the Monthly Divider in the way

I printed the front cover of The West Australian (our state newspaper in WA) from the Newseum website. A tip for people in the Southern Hemisphere, the front pages change over according to Northern Hemisphere (not sure which time zone, sorry) and so even though it's almost 6pm on Monday night, it still has Sunday's papers on the website. 

Back of Insert One & Insert Two

The Santa Photo / 
December Family Photo
Not a bad photo, considering that Benji had been whinging and saying that he didn't want to have a photo, right up until the photo was taken!

Back of Insert Two

Lily has been getting a little extra help at school with her writing. Since the start of term 3 she has been going out of class with another teacher in a group of about 5 other kids. Her teacher explained that it wasn't a big deal, and that normally a Pre-Primary (she is in a split class of Pre-Primary's and Year One's) wouldn't be taken out of class but there was an extra spot available and they decided to send Lily. Her main problem was that she was writing some letters and some numbers as mirror images, instead of the correct way around. She started going five days a week in term 3  - they did the same work that the rest of the class was doing, but just in a smaller group, so they every time she wrote a letter incorrectly she could rub it out, and write it the correct way straight away, instead of getting all the way to the end of her work, and then having to go back.
By term 4, she had improved so much that she had graduated to only going twice a week, and she will continue going for the next couple of weeks until the end of the school year.
I'm really grateful that her teacher noticed that there was an issue and arranged for the extra help.

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