Friday, November 30, 2012

30 Before 30: The List & Getting Ready

As I come up to the big 3-0! I have decided that I want to cross a few things off my bucket list, and try some things that I have never done before (or maybe something I experienced as a kid, and want to try again).

My thirtieth birthday isn't until June 15, 2014 - but I have decided to start the list on December 1, 2012 so that way I have a little over 18 months to accomplish my goals.

The List
1) Learn to crochet (and make a granny square blanket)
2) A weekend away with friends
3) Take a Polish course at Tafe
4) Get another piercing/body modification
5) Go on a camping trip
6) Pick something fresh from a farm to eat
7) Donate blood
8) Join a Zumba/group fitness class
9) Read a new series by a new (to me) author
10) Do a fun run/walk to charity
11) Start a vegie patch with the kids
12) Organise a girls night out with friends
13) Get my hair cut and coloured at a salon
14) Read a classic novel
15) Do at least one 30-Day photo challenge
16) Go to a live show/concert
17) Weekend away just Ian and I
18) Go on a Mummy/Benji date 
19) Go on a Mummy/Lily date
20) Give a handmade gift
21) Drive the Tin Horse Highway
22) Drink a cup of coffee
23) Take the kids to Rocky Pools
24) Go whale watching/dolphin cruising
25) Go to a movie at a drive-in
26) Catch a ferry across the Swan River
27) Join a social netball team
28) Take a class at a community centre
29) Go to a movie on my own
30) Keep up with Project Life

I mostly tried to make the list things that could be achieved in one go (apart from #30), as I figure the best way to keep my interest up, is instant gratification. I also tried to make them cheap(ish), we aren't millionaires (although, I wish we were!) and so I  didn't want to pick things that would cost a fortune, which would mean that they wouldn't get done.

The Journal

I orignially saw this idea while I was blog hopping Project Life blogs on Mom.Run.Craft's blog (the original post is here). I loved the idea so much, that as soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect for my 30-Before-30 journal. The only adjustment I made was to round all the tape corners after I have stuck them down the edge of the page.

My journal started it's life as a composition book from Officeworks, I can't remember the exact price but I do know that it was only a couple of dollars.

After I had finished the inside pages I started on the front. I didn't want to make it too bulky, given this journal has to stay presentable for at least 18 months, so I just stuck some of my favourite papers (from the SN@P range) down on the front and back covers, and used a label and alphas (also from the SN@P range) to make a simple title.

Here's a quick little look at some of the inside pages:

I plan on doing the inside pages a bit like a smash journal - a bit of writing and some photos of the event (maybe even a movie/concert ticket). I still plan on incorporating this into Project Life - probably just a photo with the number from the list typed straight onto it, and using the journal as the main form of documentation.

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