Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week Seven

This was a HUGE week in our house, as Lily started Year One. Most Western Australian children started back on Monday February 4, 2013, but because Lily was on holidays overseas at the time, she didn't start until the following Monday. It was also a week of getting back into routine (like me having to get up early in the mornings too!), Benji started back with his activities, and I had a huge week and weekend.

All this meant that I am back to my old ways, and ended up needing to add in three inserts

Main Spread, without Extra Inserts

Main Spread, with Extra Inserts

I included the customary first day of school photo - I love looking back, and comparing how much the kids have changed during the year.

The two bottom photos on the left hand side are of the lovely ladies who attended the first two meetings of the Get Real Scrapbooking group that I am co-running with Mandy down at Made With Memories in Rockingham, WA. I figured I wouldn't be a very good Project Lifer if I didn't include a couple of photos!

The dates are up for the March groups, so if you want to book in, ring the store on: (08) 9591 3188

Something I should also mention about the photos from the Project Life group, is that the text on them is my handwriting in a font. Normally I hate my handwriting, but there's something extra awesome about having it made into a font and using it to type with!

Back of Insert One & Insert Two

Even though Benji isn't actually school aged, I still take a photo of him when I take Lily's...it's good practice for when he starts school!
Insert Two is a snap of our beautiful city from the South Perth foreshore.

Back of Insert Two & Insert Three

On Sunday I particiapted in The Color Run (there will be a blog post up on Thursday) and since I knew that I was going to want to include things in my PL album, I made sure that I got a 'before' and 'after' photo, the change is pretty impressive!
I also kept my bib number, unfortunately most of the powdered paint blew straight off the bib, but I still wanted to include it.

Back of Insert Three

On the back of the bib I made a collage of some of my favourite photos from the day. I printed the photo as a 5x7, but I ended up trimming it a little bit so it would fit entirely between the holes on the bib.

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  1. Great idea including your bib and I love that you put the collage on the back. I think I will be doing my first color run next month. They look and sound like so much fun! What kind of camera do you bring so it doesn't get ruined by the dust(?) - what exactly is the color they throw on you anyway?? I suppose I will find out. Those first day of school photos are just too cute - I love that yellow background.

  2. looks great ! I saw lots of photos from the colour run, looks like everyone had a good day!

    {found you via the mom creative}

  3. Love your style Tamara... and the extra inserts?? what a great idea hey.. I have just used my first one for week 5 as my BF had her 40th .. sooo good to add in when you have too many pics to chose from.. Love the little school photos...
    see you in 2 weeks xxxx You are friends with Sarah over there in WA? Is she still scrapping? or just still smashing those calories lol