Friday, April 29, 2011

Show us your stuff - April Challenge #2

I had these papers and the photo laying around on my scrap desk (I accidentally printed the photo without a border for my 365 Project album, and since the rest of the photos have a border, I decided not to include it in the album until it's reprinted...I'm a bit anal like that!)

I remembered seeing that the latest challenge at Show us your stuff, was about buttons - and since I had just gotten a whole heap of Purple Pumpkin buttons, and some Lovely Lollipops by Charms Creations, I had plenty of buttons to play along with!

My Favourite Ink:

The title isn't standing out that much in the photo, IRL it's much easier to see/read.

The flash mark in the photo, is actually in the photo (I took that selfie about an hour after I had Benji's name added to my wrist, so it was all shiny from rubbing nappy rash cream into it).


The second shipping tag actually has some hidden journalling on it (a rarity for me!), and it reads:
Dear Lily and Benji, I promise that no matter what, I will love you both forever.
I even have the tattoos to prove it.
Love Mummy



  1. Loving your layouts (just catching up on blog posts so have missed a few). xx

  2. such a sweet layout and love the ink :0)

  3. Such a gorgeous page! Love it! Sooo pretty!!!