Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week Seven

I'm so excited to have another week recorded using Project Life. I still LOVE this system, and don't see that changing any time soon!!

This week was just a normal week for us, now that we are back into the swing of school, and after school/weekend activities. Benji however, did get really sick towards the end of the week, and by the weekend Lily was also complaining of not feeling well (they are both actually still sick today, and Lily hasn't been to school this week at all - hopefully tomorrow!)

Main spread, with extra inserts:

I managed to only have 2 inserts this week, the first one is a certificate that Lily came home from school with. It was given to her by the science teacher (she also got another during the week, from  the maths teacher - that one is placed in one of the 4x6 slots).

The top right photo of me with the pram, has come out dark in every. single. photo of the layout, it's not that dark in real life. Here it is, just in case someone out there, wants to desperately see what it is:
It's the photo to go with the journalling card second from the left, about me having to push Lily's bike home because I forgot to bring her helmet back to school in the afternoon.

Main spread, without extra inserts:
No matter how many photos I took, I couldn't eliminate that streak-like appearance on the two bottom photos! Doesn't matter if I take the photos inside or outside I always end up with it.

Back of insert 1 & insert 2:
For Valentine's Day Lily drew a beautiful picture for me (I think that Ian may have helped her draw the love heart in the middle), and since I had a space on the back of the certificate, I thought about cutting it down to fit, but I couldn't get all of the main picture in the ~6x8 size that it needed to be. So I scanned it, and resized it that way. I printed it at Officeworks with the rest of my photos, and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. I was a little worried because it was mostly crayon and pencil, and I thought that the wax in the crayon would scan or print funny, but it's perfect!
I will definitely be printing Lily's artwork this way again.

On Sunday, Lily and I went to the NAB Cup (it's the pre-season competition of the AFL) with my sister. 
I actually for some strange reason,didn't print one of the photos - I didn't even copy it to the disk! I will have to print it with next weeks photos.

Back of insert 2:
The glare in the middle photo on the back of the insert, is actually in the photo inside the sleeve, and not from being in the sleeve...does that make sense? It's just from the way that the sun was positioned when the photo of the three of us was taken.

Once again, I am linking up with Jessica, at The Mom Creative.


  1. Love that you inluded that scan of the artwork - so cool to be able to keep these.
    (I know what you mean about glare and 'streaky' looks when taking photos of the pages in their protectors. It's not that sunny in Scotland just now, so even if I take the photos outside, I still have to use flash and I still get glare!)

  2. Good idea to scan the artwork Tamara, I might have to do that with some of Paige's.

  3. Great week in photos ! I love the art work ! Hope the kids are feeling better!

  4. Great week Tamara! Love the scanned artwork. I have issues w/glare on the pictures as well. Have a great week!


  5. I have been in the habit of scanning the kids' artwork for a long time. It is still difficult for me to throw it away afterwards, but with three kids who LOVE crafts, it's made it easier to get over.

    Is that a little lock of hair too? What a great place to save it!

  6. Such a cute layout and great idea on scanning the artwork.
    I'll have to do that w/ my daughter's artwork.
    I also like the idea of taking a picture of what gas prices are.

  7. Great week of pictures. So glad you got a picture of yourself this week. I wasn't good this week in doing that. I love the scanned artwork. I struggle BIG time with glare. I now just take the pictures with the inserts on the outside of the pages and then insert them after I take the picture, because I just couldn't figure it out. Maybe try that? Still look great - we all know about those struggles. :)