Sunday, February 12, 2012

Take Twelve: February 2012

I was so excited when the twelfth came around again (well technically I did my January Take Twelve on the 18th), another chance to capture the 'everyday'.
If you're not familiar with the concept check it out HERE

I got the inspiration email this morning, but decided  that I wouldn't necessarily use all the prompts (which are fantastic, by the way), I kind of just like the idea of doing my own thing, and trying to capture our family, and what we did today. The so-called mundane/boring things, that when you take a closer look, are actually pretty interesting.

Again, I have chosen to make an 8x10 collage, and will slip this into my Project Life album in Week 6.

February 12, 2012

It was just an ordinary (lazy) Sunday afternoon in our house:
1) We had a family photoshoot this morning, and imagine my surprise when I logged onto facebook tonight, and saw that the photographer had put up some sneak peeks for us! (Image courtesy of  Inspired Photography).
2) Benji hopping into the shower with Ian and Lily (disclaimer: that's Ian's knee, and Lily's foot you can see behind the curtain...nothing naughty, I promise!)
3) Benji playing (cheating) Hungry Hippos
4) Ian being an awesome Daddy, and changing nappies!
5) Sausage Sizzle for lunch
6) Lily's dirty spaghetti face!!
7) Did a few loads of washing today
8)  Lily playing with the hose, in the backyard
9)  Fruit and Veggie shopping at the Spud Shed, Baldivis
10) I had a nanna nap this afternoon, and Ian snapped a photo of me curled up on the couch
11) Ian driving us home from the photo shoot this morning
12) Blow-drying my hair, ready to straighten it

*The photos don't appear on the collage in order, but I'm ok with that, and actually like the jumbled up look to the collage*

So, there you have it, another day documented.
Already looking forward to March 12!!

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  1. I love the idea of inserting it in your Project Life! What a great peek into your day! Thanks for participating in Ella's Take 12 project!