Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week Eight

Wow, I can't believe that I have successfully managed to document 8 weeks of our family life - hopefully I will be able to keep it up for the remaining 46 weeks!

Again, I will apologise in advance for the glare on some of the photos - I find it really difficult to photograph the layouts in their page protectors.

Main Spread, without extra inserts:

Just an ordinary week around here, both kids were sick for the first few days (Lily missed a few days of school), and then the second half of the week we were back into the normal swing of things.

Collected: a business card from the local doctors surgery, a business card from the dancewear shop were I bought Lily some jazz shoes (for ACRODANZ), and a paint sample colour card (we have finally decided on a new colour to paint the walls).
I also added in a McDonald's picture, because we booked Lily's 5th birthday party there, for next month, and I stumbled across an awesome quote about redheads (I know many of you will now look at the photos of me and think 'what's she on about - her hair isn't red! hahaha. But in my old age, it had turned more of an orangey-brown (auburn brown) colour, but since I was born a red-head, I still identify as one).

Close up of left hand side:

Close up of the right hand side:

We had another busy weekend; Lily and Benji had a birthday party on Saturday, combined with ACRODANZ in the morning and an event that evening, made for a busy Saturday!!

Main Spread with Extra Inserts:

I included three extra inserts this week; the first can be seen here. Benji and I attended a storytime for 0-5 year olds, and after they read some stories, the kids had the chance to colour in a face mask - that monkey was just too cute not to include! I also kept the name sticker that they wrote for him, and the sticker he got at the end for participating.

Insert 2:
The first insert is a flyer from a local production my sister, mum, Lily and I went to on Saturday night - it was so good, can't wait to go and see another show!

Back of insert 2/3:
On the back of the Grease poster, is a photo of everyone before we went out, I was hoping to make a collage with a few photos from the night, but I didn't take any photos inside the show, and I kept checking Facebook and none have been put up, so maybe later if I can find some other photos I will make a collage.

On Sunday, Lily and I (along with my best friend Emma, and Lily's best friend Hayley [Emma's daughter]), went to a free cooking class, which was sponsored by the local council and a few other groups, who actively work within the community.

The aim of it was to give some healthy lunchbox alternatives to the standard ham and cheese sandwich I send Lily to school with everyday!

Back of insert 3:
I made a collage in Picasa, with a group shot of all of us, and then added some little photos of the girls together, and one of them mixing.

Close up of the cooking collage:
In Picasa I added the text, I thought that it was a nice touch to help remember what we made.

Ans because they are a little hard to see, a couple of the other photos.
Benji at Koorliny Bookworms:

Collage of Lily and Benji at the birthday party on Saturday:

One thing you may have noticed, while looking at my album is that this week I suddenly stopped corner rounding. The first 7 weeks all have photos with rounded corners, and that will probably stay that way, and from now on I will be leaving them square - a little mis-matched, but I'm ok with that.

The main reason I stopped corner rounding was simply because; my photos are printed at Officeworks on Kodak XtraLife II paper (and I don't know if all Kodak paper is like this, or just this one particular type), but there is a thin plastic backing on the paper. My corner rounder just doesn't like going through that plastic.A simple two-second job of corner rounding was taking me around 15-20 minutes a spread, as the corner rounder was jamming up and then I was having to trim the excess off with scissors.

The very notion behind Project Life is to simplify the way you scrapbook, and so, while I LOVE the look of the rounded corners, I have decided to stop.

One last photo, of my little 'helper'

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  1. WOW so many great memories you have here. I enjoyed reading it all. Making collages this year has been a favorite part of my PL also, so easy to tell more of a story that way. I'm with you on the corner rounding, it takes to much time and some weeks I would forget to do one and it would stand out. Making it simple is what works for me.
    Great job adding all kinds of paper stuff to your weeks also.
    Have a good week and thanks for sharing!

  2. You're to right - that monkey was way too cute to not include - so gorgeous. I love the party collage, and that redhead card!

  3. Great week! Love the inserts & all the photo collages you created!



  4. I'm a redhead and have three red-headed munchkins. Love the red-head card.
    Love your pages. No need to apologize for any glare. You did a great job photographing your pages! Seriously.
    Love all the little details and extras, including the extra inserts and collages.
    That monkey mask is pretty cute too. So fun including it!

  5. Love the "little helper" picture at the end. I've got two of my own, but mine would've destroyed the album while I took the picture! Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. it all is awesome, and I say yes, keep em square, one less step :) Keep calm and project life on!