Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leap Day Twenty Twleve

Kinda like 'A Day in the Life', but with an Australian twist.
The girls on Project Life Australia, decided that we would tackle ADITL on February 29, 2012. And I have to say that even though I had a lot of fun documenting our day (not just in photographs, but on paper too), I must be the laziest Leap Day-er out there! My plan was to take a photo each hour (not necessarily on the hour), and at that task I did pretty well, I only missed one hour, and that was because Benji and I had a nap in the middle of the day. However, some hours, I literally only took one photo!

There was a reason to my madness though! Having completed Take Twelve 2012, for the past 2 months, I knew how hard it can be at the end of the day to try and cull the hundreds of photos I take down to the 12 needed to tell the story, so I decided to try and simplify the process for myself.

So, without further ado - Leap Day 2012 in photos (some of the photos are crappy iPhone [3G] photos, but they are part of the story, and I'm more than happy to include them):

Rise and Shine, Sleeping Beauty

Lunch order day at school for Lily

Facebooking, and checking emails

Benji having fun at the playground with Rachel and William

Saying goodbye to Rachel and William

Asleep in Mummy's arms (although, this didn't last long and we were soon napping in my bed)

School pickup time

Visiting Aunty Vanessa at work

Trying on a new dress (which I bought) to wear to the Jessie J concert

Benji having a melt-down in the car (while in the McDonald's drive through!)

Lily reading with Daddy

Lily watching her favourite tv show - Home & Away

Kids are in bed - time to relax with my book (Moloka'i)

Ian relaxing on the iPad.

And that's the last photo I took - pretty much 10 minutes after I took that photo of Ian I fell asleep on the couch.

My aim with the photos is to print them and put them in a baseball card page protector, and slip into my Project Life album for this week.
Hopefully I will get that done today while Benji is asleep - and will be able to share the finished product with my Project Life share next Tuesday.

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  1. Great photos capturing your day Tamara :). Love it