Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week Eleven

My layouts for week ten haven't been posted on the blog yet, and that's simply because I am waiting on some photos that were taken at Lily's Acro class on the Saturday morning.
Here's a quick look at the almost completed week ten:

Now, onto Week Eleven.
This was an unusually busy week in our household; March Take Twelve fell in this week, I got a new phone, Benji was sick (again!), Lily's school had it's annual fair, Lily had her birthday party on Saturday, and she was also invited to another party on Sunday!

Main Spread, without extra inserts:

Main Spread, with extra inserts:
This week I included 3 extra inserts, one of which is possibly my favourite insert ever!!

Insert 1 Take Twelve: March

Back of insert 1 & insert 2:

As always, I printed off the blog post that belonged to my Take Twelve post and put it in behind the photo collage.
The next insert I LOVE, at Lily's party on Saturday, I got all the kids up on the play equipment and got a group photo - now it's not perfect, it's really hard to get all the kids looking at the camera at the same time, but I think it's awesome!
On the back I printed another one of the groups shots and stuck that in too - that way I could give the kids a second chance to look at the camera!

Back of insert 2 & insert 3:

Insert 3, is the insert I mentioned before (about possibly being my favourite!), it's a 2x2" coin collector page protector, and in it I kept a bit of the wrapping paper from each gift that Lily was given, and the other spaces were taken up with little photos (and a couple bits of the Hungry Jack's birthday party invitation that we gave out).
Prior to the party, I had set myself the task of trying to get a photo of Lily with each of her friends that attended that party - I'm happy to say that I was successful! I think that using my phone really helped in this task!

Group Shots:

Birthday Party Insert:

I have whited out a few of the kids faces, as I don't have the parents permission to put their photos up on the net.
Sorry about all the glare - it's really hard to take photos of these little page protectors!

I also got to try something that I first saw last week, and thought was pretty cool - QR Codes. You should be  able to scan  the code straight off the computer screen and see the video.

As always, I am linking up with Jessica at The Mom Creative:


  1. WOW! awesome layout...love the group photo at McD's :) can I ask where you got the wallets for the b/day party insert (the little boxes)?

  2. Great week Tamara, I agree with you about the birthday insert - so cute!!

    You always have so much happening in your pages - looks fab.

  3. Great job Tamara! Love your March Take 12 insert & your 2x2 coin insert. Such a great way to include all your little extras. Have a great week!


  4. love it!! what a great spread, thanks for sharing.

  5. wow, so amazing, love all the different sized photos. love the take 12 insert - what template did you use?

    1. Hi there :)
      For the Take Twelve collage, I used Picasa, and used the 'mosiac' setting for the collage - it just basically puts all the photos onto the canvas in a random configuration (which you can then change, and move particular photos around, if you wish).

  6. What a great birthday idea! I always save wrapping paper but never know what to do with it. Thanks for the inspiration. Blessings to your little birthday girl.

  7. Your birthday party layout is amazing. Love your pages!!

  8. love the coin protector pages (I need to get some)
    love the picture of the kids on the stairs (would look amazing blown up)
    and love the idea of keeping a snip of the wrapping paper...how great will it be to look back on it later and see how styles have changed :)

    your pages look great


  9. that 6x12 shot...awesome! and all the little photos, that's super great, I need to get the coin collector pages, I haven't done those yet...hmmm I see my next challenge, thanks friend!

  10. Love the Take 12 collage... I use Picasa too. Such a great idea! How did you print your 2x2 photos? Did you use Picasa?

    1. Hi Abby :)

      Yep I used Picasa to print the 2x2 photos. All I did was on a 6x4 canvas, set it to 'grid' and put 6 photos on there...made perfect 2x2 photos.

      Hope that helps :)