Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Take Twelve: March 2012

March 12 started as just a normal day, with school drop off for Lily, and then I had a meeting at the school (Benji went to creche, and was looked after by someone he didn't know for the first time, and he did awesome! No tears when I walked away - perhaps my running away, when he wasn't watching was a good idea, after all!)
But it turned into so much more, and of all the days in the month, I'm so excited that it happened on a day when I was documenting all the little things in great detail!

Like the two months preceding this month, I have decided to make an 8x10 collage which I will slip into my Project Life album for week 11.

March 12, 2012

1) Lily after school, with her favourite turtle toys, that she took in for her morning news
2) My new phone - Samsung Galaxy SII (the first exciting thing that happened yesterday)
3) Printing week ten Project Life photos
4) Benji at the pet shop with Vanessa, and I
5) Surprise visit from Poppy (the second exciting event from yesterday)
6) The first photo ever taken with my new phone
7) Triple P workbook from the group session I went to at the school
8) Vanessa and I at Gateways
9) Vanessa walking out of Gateways pushing my pram with a carton of Pepsi Max in it
10) Benji, fast asleep in the pram at the shops (he was tired from a busy day!)
11) Me, brushing Lily's hair in the morning before school
12) Benji pretending to still be asleep in the morning, the smile on his face gave him away!

Again, the photos in the collage aren't in time order, but I like it this way, and will continue this method throughout the year.


  1. Love how your pictures are filled with photos of your family. What a busy day you had!

  2. I love how you included yourself in these photos! And what a great idea to print them up as a collage for Project Life! Thanks for participating in Ella's Take Twelve project!