Thursday, January 12, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week One

I have finally gotten around to printing the last of the photos, and photographing the layout from week one.

It was no secret, that before I even started Project Life I was in LOVE. And I can safely say, that after having completed week one, I am even more in LOVE. I am loving the fact that it gives me somewhere to keep all the little things that we collect/the kids artwork...You know, the things that get shoved in a drawer for a little while, but usually, inevitably find their way to the rubbish bin (don't tell Lily, she'll be devastated I don't keep every.single.piece.of.paper.she's.ever.scribbled.on)!

I had a few extra inserts this week - not something I plan on having every week, in fact I'm going to try and not have 3 inserts every week....don't want to end up with 50 albums at the end of the year!!

I should also mention that I have decided my weeks will run Monday - Sunday, since January 1 was a Sunday, I simply made week one run from Sunday 01/01 - Sunday 08/01. From week two, the weeks will be back to normal (Monday - Sunday).

My finished title page:

Week One spread with the extra inserts:

Week One spread, without the inserts:
I really dislike my handwriting, but I think it's important that I include some of it in the album.

I actually contemplated starting my album, the week of Boxing Day because I knew that would be a busy week, and wanted an interesting start the album. Glad I waited though, because the first week of January ended up being a really busy week. We went to the movies, helped celebrate Lily's best friends birthday, enrolled the kids in swimming lessons, had a scrappy day at my LSS, and went to a birthday party for one of Lily's school friends, and  had one of our credit card skimmed.

Close up of the inserts:
The program, and Popstick person that Lily made as part of the school holiday program at our local Officeworks.

The back of insert 1 & insert 2:
The birthday party invitation, and the first of the photos from our day in Mandurah (baseball card sized photos).

Back of insert 2, and insert 3:
More baseball sized photos, and an awesome painting of a tree, that Lily did for me (she even asked me if I wanted it for my book!)

Back of insert 3:
I made up a little sheet with some important things that happened on New Year's Day.



  1. It looks wonderful, love all the extra paper stuff added. Such a cute family you have. Enjoy your next week.

  2. It looks great! Would love to see the pictures a little bit bigger. Can you choose a larger size?