Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Take Twelve: January 2012

I'm a little late to join the party! But joining in anyway!
I had seen a few people talking about Take Twelve on their blogs, but never looked into it, so I had no idea what it was about. This morning, someone had a link on their blog, so I decided to click, and well lets just say that I LOVE the idea!

Basically, the idea is to take 12 photos on the twelfth of every month in 2012. Since I only found out about it today, I decided to do January's today, and then from next month I will do it on the twelfth. I really didn't want to miss out a month, so starting it today was the next best thing.

I plan on making the photos into a collage, and then adding them into my Project Life album, as an extra insert (who'd have guessed!!)

January 18, 2012
I chose the colour of the date box, based on the common blue theme occuring in a lot of the photos, this is something I will continue to do every month, not always blue - but whatever is a prominent colour within the photos.

Today was just a normal day for us, Ian went to work, and the kids and I went out for a little while in the morning to a friends house for a play-date. While there Lily got to have a  swim in their pool. I was also super-awesome, and went out, with two different coloured shoes on (I bet everyone wishes that they could be as awesome as me!), hence the photo of my feet in the top corner.

I know that I have only completed one month (and that wasn't even on the correct day), but I think that this is an awesome project, and hope that it brings just a little more of the 'everyday' into my Project Life (I should add, that I also think Take Twelve is an awesome project all on it's own, but you know us Project Lifers....we get obsessed, and find ways to include everything in our albums!).

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