Friday, May 25, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week Eighteen

I'm back with another catch-up post of my Project Life layouts.

Main Spread, without extra inserts
(It's a little blurry, sorry!)
Not alot of words this week, mostly photos - but I'm ok with that, not every week can have every event documented with both words and photos.

Main Spread, with extra inserts
I had a few different inserts this week, at first I started off with only the one, but then thankfully the postcards I was expecting from my parents (they are on holidays) made it to me, and didn't get lost in the mail (it happened to my sister, last time my parents sent postcards from their holidays).

The glare on the top of the photo at the top of the left-hand page is actually in the photo and not because of the plastics...I'll show you.

Insert 1
In the first full week back at school, Lily got a certificate from the science proud of my baby-girl!!

Back of insert 1 & insert 2
In the protector, at the back of Lily's certificate, I folded the April monthly calendar, and stuck it in there.

Close-up of the Post Cards

Back of Insert 2 & Insert 3

Back of insert 3

Lily loved getting postcards when my parents were in Thailand last year, and so I asked if they would mind writing some more out for her. I didn't expect them to post them, in fact I told them not to, instead to just write on them and bring them home in their suitcases...Lily wouldn't know the difference. I think that they make a nice edition to the album!

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  1. Hi Tamara, I came here from following your link on FB. I've had a good look through your blog, and you have some lovely work on here! Both your PL and normal layouts are full of inspiration. Thanks for sharing, and I'm now a follower :)