Thursday, May 24, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week Ten

Slowly, I am going to be posting the Project Life album layouts that I haven't shared yet.
The first one, is Week Ten of this year; 5-11th March. This week was never posted because it was when Lily had some class photos taken at her Acrodanz class, but given that I have now emailed quite a few times, and no one has ever responded to me, I doubt that I will be able to order any of the photos, so I may as well post the layout.

Main Spread, without extra inserts:

Main Spread, with extra inserts:

This was actually a really busy week for us - hence there being 3 extra inserts.

The Monday was a public holiday, and my sister and I had tickets to go to the Jessie J concert that night, but unfortunately she had to cancel the concert at the last minute so we didn't get to go.
I also helped my friend make her wedding invites, we went for a family trip to the Fremantle Markets (Lily wasn't with us, because she was at a sleep-over at my parents house), Lily had a birthday party, and I went on a quick little road-trip with my friend (and her friend) to buy a wedding dress (for my friend that I made the wedding invites for).

Insert 1:
The town we went to, to pick up the wedding dress was Bunbury (about 2 hours south of Perth), so while we were there, I picked up a postcard to put into my album. I wrote a little bit of journalling on the back, about the road trip.

Back of Insert 1 & Insert 2:
Our March family photo, was included as an 8x8  insert.

Back of Insert 3 & Insert 3:
We spent a beautiful afternoon at the beach, with some of my favourite photos made it onto the 8x10 collage, my favourite photo from the afternoon was the scene looking back down to the beach, which I blew up to 8x10, and then cropped to 8x8.

I LOVE this photo - not bad, for my little point-and-shoot!!

Back of Insert 3:
On the day we went to the beach, we also managed to take another family photo - I love this shadow photo, and have always wanted to take one like this, but it's actually not as easy as you would think!

One last photo to share - this has to be my second favourite photo from this week, and one of my favourites from the year!
I love having little kids that you can dress up!!


  1. excellent week! Edgy, colourful + full of info. LOVE IT!!!! {the tag looks great too!!!!}

  2. Love it - so bright and happy - love your Turtle !!