Saturday, May 26, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week Nineteen

This weeks layout is probably my favourite layout so far this year...big call, I know!!
But, I just love all the extra inserts that I managed to keep and include in the album, and I know that in the years to come, I will treasure all of these things.

Main Spread - without extra inserts

We had a few big events this week - Mother's Day was obviously an important one, but there were a few other little things that I am glad to have been able to record. A special one included Benji going into a big boy bed (okay, so all I really did was take the side rail off his cot, but still it's a huge deal that he's not "in jail" any more!)

Main Spread - with extra inserts (there were lots!)
 I had five inserts all up, and I LOVE!

Inside of insert 1 (a Mother's Day card made at school by Lily)
I love little-kid writing, and am glad that I get to keep this as a record from Lily's life right now.

Insert 2
Another thing I LOVE about young school-age children, is the little art works that they bring home. Lily made this flower for me, and included some of the things that she loves about me.

Inside of insert 3
(you can see the front of the card through the plastic slip in the previous photo).

Insert 4 - A clear plastic envelope-thinggy with some received post cards in it.
This envelope didn't have am holes punched in it, but I couldn't find any of the binder pencil cases that I wanted, so I just bought this type and punched my own holes in it.

Insert 5 - Take Twelve (May) 2012
For this month, I did something a little different. May 12 just happened to be the date of my friends Hens Night (I was a bridesmaid) and so, I decided to only have photos from that night included in the collage. This photo collage was never posted on my blog as part of the Take Twelve posts, as it's more of an adults only type collage - there *may* have been a lot of alcohol involved!

The Take Twelve Collage
*Just in case it's un-clear in the photos - that's a blow up doll in the photos - we would never man-handle a real man this way!*

Back of insert 5
Because I never blogged about Take Twelve, I didn't have a blog post to print out, so I simply placed the Hens Night invite in behind the photo collage.

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