Thursday, May 24, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Weeks Fifteen, Sixteen and Seventeen

These are the weeks, where I first got a little behind with my album. Lily was on school holidays, and we were enjoying time at home, and not really doing too many interesting things.
So, for these weeks (especially weeks 16 & 17) I don't have many extra inserts - I'm still glad to have them documented, but it shows that I wasn't paying too much attention to making sure I kept things to put into my album.

 Main Spread, without extra inserts

Kept up with the Wordless Wednesday posts that I started in week 14. 
We did a lot of home based activities this week - going to the park, playing with the iPad, my parents came over and helped the kids plant a garden in the front yard, and we went out to lunch. This was also the week that included Easter Monday, so we had a public holiday trip to King's Park.

Main Spread, with extra inserts

The extra inserts this week include: a 6x8 photo collage of our day at King's Park, Benji's 18 month check-up wrap-up, and Take Twelve (April).

Insert 1:

Back of Insert 1 & Insert 2

Back of Insert 2
As always, I printed out my Take Twelve blog post, and put it on the back of the photo collage.

Main Spread - without extra inserts
This week fell right in the middle of school holidays, so there were a few play dates, and trips to the movies.

Main Spread - with extra inserts
There was actually only one insert this week - a poster from a meet-the-author that I went to, and on the back a scanned copy of one of Lily's drawings.

Back of insert

Main Spread - without extra inserts
Back to school...finally this week, after 3 weeks of school holidays!

I just noticed that the bottom photo has come out quite dark, so here it is:

Main Spread - with extra insert
Just the one insert this week - an awesome little plane that Benji painted during craft time at the local library - it was too cute not to keep!

I will hopefully be back later on today with some of the remaining weeks to share - if the kids play nice, Lily is home "sick" remains to be seen how "sick" she really is!

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